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Moonshine, Tanner Beverly Togo, Fraud discussed on Not Another D&D Podcast


This is a head gum podcast. Welcome to the campaign pain after the campaign this is not another. DND podcast welcome back to the home. Yeah everyone anyone dungeon master. Brian Murphy joined by Jake Hurwitz. Hard one shore foot. Emily Oxford John Savage here to have fun. Get some and roll one. Oh I don't know. Yeah it'll happen happens. Sometimes you fall in a hole and of course called wall. Tanner Beverly Togo. The fifth rider of the husk brother of the dusk. Thank you mommy you guys. Let's do a little recaps last week. You guys raced to the seventh circle of Hell to save bow nor there you found three the at descending rings of violence and came across all manner of nefarious folk some familiar. Some new one of the ladder was a re animated. God God husk that dominated the lesser monsters attacking people at random and pursuing them until they were dead or someone else caught their rage while beverly rushed rushed to help nor fight off his old rivals. Alec Hard One was attacked by the God in nearly killed. Moonshine was able to attention with a lightning bolt only to be knocked out herself. Hard one then returned the favor and saved her by throwing his lightning. Javelin add the God then tricking it into thinking the knoll deep rag had done it instead as the God attacked Deep Brag you were able to rejoin Bev and defeat the rest of the hounds you then descended to the lowest platform battling an onslaught slot of acid rain as you searched through burning sand for a way out. moonshine eventually found one. And then we we one hell and I remember. Yeah you were dispensed out of a giant prize machine and you came out in a big chucky. A big version of me got the prize. Emily found a glitch in the code. And we clip to write to the ninth level. It's amazing that's right. This one is called kill screen. What's the name of that off? Ah but no moonshine plummeted through The false floor and disappeared into a hole in the sand. And that's where we are now which you are plummeting through this narrow tunnel plunging into the abyss below. You still have an action. You the only used your bonus action to find this pit. What do I see below me just abyss for now? Then I think I'm just GonNa let myself keep pollen okay so much you continue following through this narrow shoot passing thousands of tiny creatures scatter through the earth lining the walls. Hodler Oughta high bitching back at you. You pick up speed until you are shot out of the seventh circle of Hell L. into the eighth layer which I would assume already gave you guys a whole powerpoint. Yeah you guys got a full power point this is fraud you you are shot out into black sky it again. I cannot take a second to make a joke to pander grains and be like Hey pedigrees is your home work because you're fraud or for you watch Roche Battle. Sure no but I'm going to guess you do Ralph scores on those anyways anyway just trying to keep it like because I think that we might die. ooh really loud. You know like yeah. I think. The weight the oxygen masks and fall in the valley over to put it on my shelf before I put it over the ATV Schroeder make sure Rossiter Okay Jim Norton on there. He doesn't like it is so you guys are falling through the sky. Moonshine you see that this guy is pitch black that there are no stars no moon But below you you can see rubble of what looks like an ancient city. The ruins glow with a white light as if it were reflecting collecting moonlight but there is no moon. You see rebel. Great pillars reduced to jagged rocks torn down statues and such. But to you right now your gorgeous falling at high speed. You're about to hit the ground for Max damage. What do you do a wild shape into bird a bird acid bird can and I use my wings? So I'm a bird rice accou- I'll have really good sense of what would make good ness and I real quick together like a little nest for people to fall into you like a big burden you start grabbing sticks and making a mess you fucking go ahead and give me a perception abson check twenty five. She's GonNa find some good stakes. which is a strange creature other than this creature that you see fly up into the sky you see nothing else? You do not hear a peep here. weirdly quiet but with that good of a perception check. You can see that this looks like a command. Two Corps has alliance body with the big strange human like face than dragon wings and a big Scorpion Stinger and as soon soon as you land and kind of perch and start building this nest and look out takes off into the sky. Start flying towards you but disappears into like the black back of the night. I'll billeness for you. You hear a voice speak back to you. Oh that's so nice. Aren't you you so sweet. Yeah Yeah. What's your name names moonshine names Perez Perez? I'm Bill Nunez. Has It tell me. What's your favorite kind of stick? Because I'M GONNA make sure I get a lot of it. I lock every every state you like them. Now you're like I'm straight. How could you want them sticks? I lack black every state. Okay 'cause I tend towards crooked so I'm going to favor the crooked then we're going to cut back up we're still in initiative we're GONNA cut up to Beverley who's still on the seventh layer of hell with hard on behalf as moonshine talks weird creature just like screaming over acid rain. Here man Balladur's on death's door. That's your turns okay. I'm sure moonshine is doing something very useful to help us. All you didn't have any action. We're the record. I use my action to turn into to wild shape. I use my bonus action for the perception option. I Never GonNA complain about turning into a bird. That's the dog shit here for a deck save and now that those guys are her off the shield you can use it to block the ring. Great Cool you know what I will say flat out you can use it to block the rain. You don't need to take any damage and hold it over your head. Do you have a magic shield enroll. Kahn saved sure from the sand would be more dangerous. Eleven That fails you take twenty damage from the Sant but you do see that there is now a whole here. We found the hole found the whole the whole okay. So if I'm if I'm able to feather fall Then I will do that sweet. I will jam javelin into the wall and attach a rope to it just in case as balanced needs a little extra. Help us your action to do that. And then you jump down I jump. I'm just chilling fallen Do I see this this manticore. Yeah you fly all the way down and you land in the level of fraud Elaine next to Moonshine the bird actually. Actually you just see a bird talking to a really nice manticore told you whenever I whenever I wild statement to an animal I have a little badge I wear so they know. It's a wild shape moonshine. Do I notice that the bird is with egg. Yeah okay so it's full of eggs Moonshine Rock Jack. What's going on back? Oh Man Yeah Nice to meet you. Oh my name's Perry's stories. Beverly told Gold the fifth. How are you? I'm doing so well. I'm always doing well avenue kissed here. Here's I'm doing a little home renovation invasion for Paris Oh nice that is backup to balance. Turn his homeless dead. Fowler is GonNa Make Con Save and he passes he makes a deck save and he fails. But he's GonNa try. Indomitable will try to get out of it. He fails hard when you see bow collapses and it's just getting eaten alive by this acid and by the sand trucks. That is your turn hard one okay. I'M MR starting your turn Beck Save Right. I think I'M GONNA use my second and final indomitable to try to beat doc. I don't sixteen does not save..

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