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Actually mean. When Donald Trump encourages cops not to help people. You know something different. Listen to we're having a moment on the iheartradio. APP APPLE PODCASTS and wherever you get your podcast. The stay in history class is a production of iheartradio. They all. I'm eaves and welcome to this day in history. Class A podcast brings you note of history every day. Today is June twenty seventh twenty, twenty The? Day was June twenty-seventh Eighteen, forty four. Joseph Smith the founder of Mormonism and leader of the latter day, Saint Movement was murdered alongside his brother. By angry mob in Carthage. At the time of their killing, they were incarcerated at Carthage jail, awaiting trial for charges of treason, inciting riot and destruction of the press. And March of eighteen, thirty Joseph published the book of Mormon, which he claimed was a text that contains writings of ancient prophets who lived on the American continent in the Book Jesus Christ appears in America's not long after his resurrection by the time of Smith's death fourteen years later the latter day. Saint Movement had tens of thousands of followers known as Mormons. In Eighteen, thirty one smith proclaimed that God had. Western Missouri as the place where Diane would gather in anticipation of Christ's second coming. This new Jerusalem was supposedly the city of Independence Jackson County Missouri During, the eighteen thirty s smith sent out missionaries and published revelations, growing his follower base the growing Mormon population in Missouri cost tensions and eventually episodes of violence with non Mormon residents. In eighteen thirty eight Mormons and non Mormons went up against each other in the Missouri Mormon War. After they clashed in elections at Gallatin in October of that year. Missouri Governor Lilburn boggs issued Missouri Executive Order Forty, four also known as the Mormon extermination order. He said that quote. The Mormons must be treated as enemies and must be exterminated or driven from the state. If necessary for the public peace, they're outrageous are beyond all description. Mormons were subsequently expelled from the State of Missouri and Smith in the Mormons moved to Illinois finding a new home at Nabu. Eighteen forty four several people who were dissatisfied with Smith had left the LDS church along with some non Mormons in the Nabu area. They found it the novel after a newspaper that published a single issue on June seventh. The paper criticized Smith for practicing polygamy and claimed that he had tried to marry other people's wives. Smith and the novel City Council declared the paper of new sense and had exposure and its printing press destroyed. The destruction of exposure led to a huge uproar against the LDS people make violent threats against Smith and his followers many had already denounced Smith for acting as if he were above the law, but critics thought legal charges against Smith for destruction of the press, including charges of treason and inciting riot. Lawrence went out. I arrest on June Eighteenth Smith declared martial law and called on the novel, Legion, a city militia, but after briefly fleeing into Iowa Territory Smith returned and surrendered. The Smith Brothers were transported to Carthage the seat of Hancock County where they were immediately charged with treason against the state of Illinois for declaring martial law in Abu. Joseph Hiram and some of their friends were put in a second story sale at Carthage jail and held there until they could be tried. An Anti Mormon local militia called the Carthage. GREYS was assigned to protect the Smith. There were reports of several threats being made against Smith by militia members, but the governor dismissed them, and on the afternoon of June, twenty-seventh, eighteen, forty, four, a mob of between one hundred and two hundred armed men stormed Carthage jail. Their faces painted black with gunpowder. A mob member fired a shot through the door, striking Hiram in the face and killing him. Smith used a pistol that was smuggled to him to shoot his attackers reportedly wounding some of them. Smith then made his way to the window at which point he was shot several times from the doorway, and from outside the window, he fell to the ground outside the jail. There conflicting reports on whether Smith was dead when he hit the ground or died shortly thereafter, but the mob is soon dispersed. John Taylor and Willard Richards other Mormons targeted in the attack survived. Joseph and Hiram buried enough who? Mormons condemned governor Ford for neglecting to take the militia threat seriously in suspected him of being party to the plot. Four denied this, but later he did right that it was good for. The Mormons have been driven out of the state. The death of the Smith brothers cost turbulence in the latter day saint. Movement and in the line of succession. Today. The LDS church reports a membership of more than sixteen million. I'm Eve coat, and hopefully you know a little more about history today than you did yesterday. If you have any comments or suggestions, you can send them to us at this day at iheartmedia dot com, you can also hit us up on social media. where at T D I H C podcast. Thanks again for listening to the show and we'll see.

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