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This? That was Senator Chuck's humor. Before that Kellyanne Conway, different points of view, talking about Cavanaugh Cavanaugh Cavanaugh as always lots has been written. Lots has been talked about the president and taxes. That's another big story. Kate Delaney America tonight joining us now right at the top is Justin duck them from talk media news from Washington DC, Justin. I say this all the time. But boy, you must be one of the busiest men in DC are actually all the media is because it's just such crazy insanity. But let's start with cavenaugh before we talk about Trump and his past and his dad and the taxes. Trump was asked about bread bread. Kevin ivory where goes he is at one point during the days that I don't even know him. And then at one point he said, it's a damn sad situation, and he mocked Dr Ford and kind of took on the whole metoo mocking the beer that she said she had one beer that kind of thing. And so it is a he said she said. The FBI is investigating. And and the conversation is who is the FBI contacted what's going on with that investigation. What's the latest that you know? We are getting reports that it could end as soon as tomorrow. Coming in a little bit shorter than what we initially expected, which was the one week minuted scope that we were initially told we do know that they have spoken with a number of people. Are they have spoken to Mark judge and other witnesses? And now, it's basically. Waiting game to see you. What exactly the revolt are going to be in how much of it? We're going to see you made public yesterday. The president was pressed on this during the press conference in the oval rose garden and basically avoided that question over whether or not the result. They're going to be fully bailable does go to lawmakers, which it most likely will synthesis being done on their behalf in order to give them a decision. It's likely to come out, but there's still some questions over whether or not people will be getting the. Account of what exactly the FBI looked at? You know? We do know that the dog for this is going to be taking place a little bit later this week. According to Mitch McConnell are quite likely on Sunday due to the procedural stuff that they still need to take you know, sort of beer kindles the Senate and whatnot. But this does not look like it's going to be falling down. Renton does seem to be moving. Caviar. We've seen a renewed effort from the administration as well as others on Capitol Hill to push back against the allegations. Not mentioned Trump today use that as a rallying cry during the campaign, he had this evening, and that seems to be a mood. That's shared by a lot of other people on the hill who are now being. It's not the tone, at least sort of a similar message. So you know, anything could change before they revolts officially come forward. Stands right now. Looks like it's going to be a tight, but one is going to be moving forward and one that. I guess sort of the safe money is saying that there's a good chance that Cavanaugh critic very well be confirmed and that could happen Friday or even Saturday, right? I believe not Friday but Saturday or Sunday, I think he's when that would be moving forward on based on the time restraints that you know required for debate and bringing.

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