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Bro this should be a yogurt she's got a beautify joe in like joe if we catch her like she's scott do it do it just got she's got a neil and and do a smirnoff ice yeah will not get a crown right off i don't think they'd threatened that but yeah they should try to slip something into the laws like that trick the queen that's one somebody dipped queen i mean no don't trick the queen mcqueen is old and frail if you're gonna play a prank played on a younger member of the royal family like his i don't know charles chuck chuck charge shock or print tank or prince william americans more into this if it were prince chuck prick print tank and prince billy i don't know if that's true sure like oh hank hank billion chuck they're just like me they're not a blue blue collar blue collar kings tell me more about tell me what you could do the kings of blue comedy comedy tour and they could get both the kings of comedy and the blue collar all the fans may their princes not kings put that in the small print and then also they're not actually bluecollar do you think they they could argue it if they went by these names these new nicknames i gave them do you think hank henry harry harry just use me you think prince harry ever gets pissed at prince william prince william scott three kids now.

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JOE, Neil, Mcqueen discussed on The Complete Guide to Everything

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