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Good for business do that nocco for business should us lincoln it's not an ad ziprecruiter fucking pay for today his defense we've had linked as we maybe not on that we definitely have somebody had it well we got ziprecruiter ziprecruiter dummies right it was awesome to watch though like back in the day man nobody gave a single damn about anything i mean goodfellas movie there has to be some truth in your obviously out shooting people bing bang boom you're dead nobody ever heard about hey by the way you didn't see nothing and i'm gone never see this person again now if anything happens dateline you're on forty five different cameras they got you by your they got cell phones hanging from where you were your gas even they can get you from getting you're caught transaction receipts from your credit cards back in the day it was just people running around dude got decapitated at a bar they decapitated in public on believable so it's tough to talk to those guys who were like parents though in i explain to them like how bullying so rough inner sitting there at the bar like you know i i saw mikey and johnny literally get their heads cut off two seats away and you want me to talk about somebody tweet knew something route very difficult for them to understand that and i think it all makes sense the more and more i watch about what the old days were the more and more understand whether it's such a disconnect there used to be respect it's not it used to be nobody knew anything nobody will too but yeah there was respect.

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