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I don't know like if there's any real reason to have that on the show but I think it's a pretty crazy story and it was a dream deferred. A dream denied nine years later the addendums well. There were many addendums because we kept trying to capitalize where like we can still capitalize on our connections there Dr Summer Guiding in college but I actually got to capitalize on it eventually. It was like the first couple capitalize awesome. Should he word why capitalism's like three spat. It means like you're doing bad things now. It does situation. I feel like there's no so what are you talking about. It was opportunistic. How's that yeah. No I mean I guess it is yeah sure go on. I mean I don't WanNa. GET DOWN TO SOCIO economic economic political conversation about the merits owning and drink more coffee or early in the morning non merits of capitalism but we did try to capitalize on it in the end. I ran into the sea the I was a food server on world yacht the CEO of MTV showed up there. Maybe it was a CEO Viacom and it was very embarrassing and many years later I kept reaching out until I had a different TV show and he was like Oh Dave Dave Endeavor Devon Dave both good and and when I went back they hired me on MTV too but when they hired me back at MTV to and I've told this story they presented myself as a real producer and I went back to we already on heroin that I was totally totally early. Fall on Junkie I had lost my job for going to detox shooting job and I was clean when I got the job though because I knew that I was in trouble and I got this job at MTV to which was actually in the another different MTV Viacom building but it was on the fifty seventh floor and as soon as I got my first check like it was like some of the biggest checks I ever got in my life and I got my first check and I was like fuck this. I'm going to get job and and I got a bunch of job and I I was shooting up and I was I think I was making like eleven hundred dollars a week or something and my rent was three hundred dollars a month and I still went broke rogue and I still couldn't keep up with and but the highlight was in the very beginning I was making a show for MTV two and I was like the fifty seventh floor and I had my own office. Yes and I would shoot heroin in my own office and the office face Central Park South and I thought to myself this is like I in my mind. I was miles Davis at that moment homer which descended into like me getting my nose broken helping out my neighbor and it's a good one and and fucking it all all up and and the last day I went in on a Saturday and all those promotional CDs that Devon was talking about was a Saturday I went around three three floors of the MTV to building with shopping bags and I stole the CDs off every person's desk right winner all of them from desk to desk. I left with like hands and hands in hands of shopping bags like discography of Miles Davis and John Lennon. Whatever whatever whatever the great CDs and I went straight to saint marks I sold all of them? I probably got six hundred bucks and I spent that in a day or two days so that was the end of my MTV career which started so promisingly and so innocently. It's funny. You know it's weird. Let's Adobe Story. What do you say yeah so this is from this guy. Mick this English guy he sent an amazing story about his journey to Hong Kong and a bunch of like terrible things that happen and and this is the follow up about what happened when he actually got there. It's MIC ready. Freddie MAC is a great dopey participant and Fan and new new likes sort of pen pal of mine so hey man I'm sorry I didn't play or two hundred saying maybe I'll play it now. But here's your voicemail Dave Dobie nation. Everyone's will mail chat with Dave the day and he said few people would mention Laudi or follow up to Mars Mars story of when I go to Hong Kong. She's a surprise to me because I thought train wreck of a job of sensitive bushnell smiling. It was terrible awful anyway as fair fair enough. I'll see what I can do so yeah so I'm rob had been arrested and detained in Hong Kong. Wait been released on bio with the proviso overseas to appear in court in Hong. I'm calm a couple of weeks following so we're back in the PU. managed to get our baggage. Go the drugs Bumba this point. Nobody sells well so I went out and talked to a taxi driver and said it was the best cheap placed to sty cy pay porn under towards Kowloon which is we helped on the train and off we went to Kowloon. We we go off books into a backpackers which was about fourteen floors up on this building that consisted of dodgy businesses selling knock off. Hugo boss suits roots fucking style electronics and go knows what else but it was cheap and there was a whole lot lockers. They're big lockers lock stuff up so we went to a I washable big pussy fucking padlock some stuff up and dumped onto bags fixing the room uh-huh which was Tony but you know for a fact that cost about I think is the equivalent of about ten bucks or something and add a bathroom as well so that was cool so we went straight down the local pubs in Kowloon and thought we'd check out a local scene. Si We found we found drugs pretty quick. Go second puppy win and we bought some. Hash we show I asked him. Where can we get something stronger and and he told us this comment sort of vague but I remember ended up in another pub. Would you saw like a poll post nuke clubs or place and connect their heroin is an Indian half Indian half Chinese dot com screwed into being was his name and he told us he's he's. He lived in a building the next building over a couple of buildings over from where we were staying in Kowloon and he said he could hook us our blight. He wasn't available Ayla he he was into it saves going to Jack Subway now. The day was Stein in Hong Kong was is part of what used to be cool. The walled city now that had had been part demolished by the time we were there one point and this was the most densely populated place on earth. it was just a touch will get full of opium. PIMM dens cocaine. Paula's and illegal businesses doing dodgy like I said you know stone dodgy electronics and Dodgy Tyler's set the knockoff Calvin Klein suits so this sort of thing so this this place was something else slob pretty well traveled. I've never seen anywhere like like this Park Allen. It was dangerous and it was full of drugs and fuller criminals and it was fucking awesome if you you now I mean relatives always in at the time it was awesome anyway so we met the vein lighter at his apartment Tom for one of a bad word Mr Spicy just two rooms connected together with a weight room bathroom shower and he hits us up and we saw what was the equivalent of a gram of heroin for what what would have worked out to be about thirty. US dollars and now I had a region dope habit time I mean a huge habit because I had a decent income and it was just a haul latics overspending on drugs so I had a big habit and I took on this stuff. which was you classic? China want and it just enough male. Moss was so pure now filtration acing required you could literally just put the pound at Arrow in the bow syringe shake it with called water injects it and it took me to about three hours to do my shoelaces up leave because I've bounced so yeah so we bounced around Hong Kong travel a couple of thoughts in a bar in a place called Wendy Shaw and we go the ran from the police there was an American aircraft carrier docked while we were standing in Hong Kong so we go into plan poll with all the all the US silence so yeah that was that was a fucking good night. I was in an underground bar called the Rhubarb Kangaroo Bobby Layman Chevrolet. She's between Kowloon and human shell show which was uh another one of the areas. We're in so that was fucking co we we moved after wall. We found a cheaper place near it went Choi so we stayed in a backpackers there and then we got into the beans. Might we've been born heroin off. He came to the room and and he he did in our room and just freaking out is all social he was dead and the room had a window in it but the opened into the inside of the building down John Sort of like chimney shoot thing that went straight down the middle of the building and Asaf Vice and we're going to check them out the window that that was the plan at the time when we dragged him socially was dead and we dragged him across so the we we hope hooked him up onto the bed which by the window and just getting ready to lift him a guy woke up saw my God what what is wrong with my I'm Charlie Scott. Out of the window. Fuck anyways thank God he wasn't he wasn't dead. Siwei yeah yeah and a whole lot of other things happened loss to find number for the for the connector. All within obeying are lost his phone number so I got the taxi back from Wenchong. Shaw to Kowloon just walk as you know Skinny Little English boy twenty years old walking around this. I guess our building in Hong Kong and I've got no number just remembered roughly which flora lived on it was either the nine hundred twentieth. I'm just walking round shabby now. Bane we know Bay and there's all these crazy fucking little Chinese fellows with tattoos and huge skulls on their vices and missing eyes and fucking Bowie. Are We knobs on that bill just by looking at me anyway. Eventually I found him somehow about two o'clock in the morning and go native. You did cy but anyway yeah we we went to Co acquisitive charges. We will find for the bright fun for the smoking on the plane and I am fond in the the the the fallen was roughly the equivalent of the bail money we'd pied side eventually burn out and I'd lost my bank card and all sorts of stupid shit blackouts and the Blair ended up finding my dad and he wants us the money for so after six weeks of just insanity in in Hong Kong we flew back actually London and and that was the end of that so yeah that's the the rest of Hong Kong dopey story. I suppose there's there's there's there's a whole lot of other share that happened while I was there but it's sort of it's it's all a bit vague amongst the blackouts. Go Nice what else the anyways thanks for listening. Everybody love. You'll stay strong. Thank you dive surface engine other one month. I Sir thank you. There's MIC. That's a fucking I mean. We have our stupid story about em TV. That's that's amazing and then and then you have this he almost through someone out the week who was alive. You know that that echoes a one of the original Dobie stories like I don't remember if it was a voicemail it was Chris's favourite was from this Australian guy named Maurice who found who somebody. Oh deed a guy named Ivan and he thought it was dead body and he put him in a phone booth. Yeah I remember that that was like Chris Favorite one and what a weird sort of caveat to that story story was after Kris died first of all thank you for the dopey story fucking killer bee story. Thank you for turning our high school memory emory episode into a dopey episode which is great now that I don't love Devon being on the show makes me very happy. He made me come here at nine morning our thank you calm you. You said I'm listening to the show. It's great I'm GonNA COP or you didn't have to do it to deny not..

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