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Now it's press tie with tom shotty we will jump in at some point you with a jared kushner jared kushner speaks to the press if he can probably a statement in a moment you spoke to the senate intel committee today and told him and it was including with the russians which we knew he wasn't anyone in of the march is not a thing with sir that's true it's the kind of fake news that has happened as a result of the election which made half the country f crazy which is why later on we're going to be playing scott adams on on this show little bit of scott i'm scott atoms over the weekend he was on uh sam harris they assume harris podcast and these to talk abbott very intellectual discussion conversation about trump in what the victory meant and what it's done to the country will does to people and it's very good because they're they're on the very simple in all thing in sam harris whose an avowed liberal essentially hidden in his voice it admits that he is touched from the election he needs change and a half the country got the fever you can see them all over the place they're everywhere people who are just not right not okay after this election and one of the coping mechanisms we know is matching russians and russian collusion whatever it takes to make their pain go away little bit because it takes toughen your dancing oliver somebody's grave like hillary supporters were the night before trump are you tear it's it's tough to come back for that because they were really really sure they would win in the area and and there are already making plans and moving forward which is why the country's touch why the establishment is ripley because they've all purchase new houses and having a job set up for them in the media people are married to be be aired bureaucrats and they have a big quarrel there and they're ear there are intertwined and everything was ruined because of because of donald trump i mean mr trump and now he gathered of spicer who suddenly that's another a according to all with abbas from idiots that's another thing spicer gone my wer they'll abusers the shakeup that means something going on scare emoji rising but scaramucci of boushehr volunteers donated.

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