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Tonight. It's aria michael edmark and we just took the well some of us. I don't know whether or not michael dead but mark and we all just took the kinsey test. It's only seven questions so it's not going to be extremely accurate to no one's surprise i. I don't feel extremely accurate. I can tell you that i was smack in the middle bisexual equally heterosexual homosexual which doesn't really surprised me. You're sitting over there in a skirt with dyed. Purple purple and paintcare is fred mark all right. Maybe paint now okay. I don't know i haven't looked dallas and of pink but it's mostly purple and red yeah so no surprises there. I'm rather upfront about being bisexual. I think it surprises a lot of people who expect me to be like like exclusively intimate or whatever which according to some people would make me heterosexual anyway but let's let's not get into that because i definitely don't agree with that assessment. Michael results looking so on the scale of zero two six two six seven point scale yeah so i got three. You got a little too too. I came into the two. Also i wonder if they just don't put anybody at the very end of the spectrum my they want everybody to believe that there's somehow somewhere in the middle what this is where really strange i i got to say that the questions has to do with whom do you form strong emotional national bonds men or women or both or mostly or whatever and while i mean i have a business partner who's man. That's a strong emotional bond. I like hanging out with dudes because we have we share many of the same interests. Never have i considered the notion that this would somehow make me gay <hes> and then the other one how to remember half to. I mean no it doesn't didn't i've been sitting here thinking about the few months ago we were talking about. What the new york times called the buddist sex but i remember but sex it was talked about on free talk live. I believe <hes> so alcohol was involved. Yes alcohol was definitely. This is the <hes> there's no doubt the video version of freetalklive i guess that's correct and i think we got into it briefly during the show but we saved most of it for the after show and it is these largely rural self identified heterosexual dudes who are engaging in homosexual acts with other men while developing strong emotional attachments to these others but not admitting that they were developing strong emotional attachments and saying you know it's it's not gay to just occasionally engage in a gay sex at let's not gay we're just hanging <music> out right and pleasure each other's private parts. It was exactly as gay as it sounds. We're just that sounds like a case of denial. They just weren't calling it gay. That's exactly what he does and they admitted during the article when they interviewed these men that alert a large part of it was a result of them being ever places where they couldn't come out safely. Say oh yeah i'm bisexual because of all these social stigmas attached to it you know they weren't those fruity gay men who wear too twos or whatever they were straight cowboy working on the farm kind of gay brokeback mountain stuff. Yes yes exactly okay okay..

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