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Plus get started when did Pearl Harbor take place. Ooh. Nineteen sixties. Sometimes I feel like it's somewhere in the eighties nineteen fourteen or something fourteen. Gallo-thomas World War One or two. If you switched the four in the one, you're right. It's nineteen forty one day. No. November eleven two or may seven days. December seventh nineteen forty one. Whereas Pearl Harbor located is it, okay? It's either off the coast of Florida Hawaii, which one. Fifty fifty. Florida. Why dang it is it as cold up? There is it is down here. Attacked Pearl Harbor. The attack on Pearl Harbor when he that took place summers of nineteen forty one whereas Pearl Harbor located. Okay. And who attacked us at Pearl Harbor, the Japanese. Why is it important to know about Pearl Harbor, and what happened started American involvement in World War Two is the first major attack on US soil and the only way that could come back and win with our help. Help the world out a great deal. Do you think that you should know more about Pearl Harbor? I do think I should what do you think that because it's an important piece of our history. And like it's important for people to be informed. Otherwise now like similar situations could arise and you don't like history is taught a lot of lessons. So yes, it's important today. I did. Thank you. Then you know, like, I learned something today..

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