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To To impact picture with them There were no girls and In in fact it wasn't that mix the school. We had a lot of guys that were latte latinos a lot of hispanics from latin america. In fact they were mainly Most of the hot The soccer team was made up of a us. Alison turn out to be very close. Battled one of the year. He was on the soccer team. He was very most all of them. but we weren't mixed as far as Until last year we didn't have any blacks. We come from a different age. Came from an age when segregation was where the world was when we were children Where discrimination was something that was permitted. People are allowed to use the end. Borodin fact nobody would think by job at most of most people would. It wasn't something that was in my vocabulary and it certainly wasn't something that was ever donald adler when i see people call him a bigot or a feminist or anything like that it made its You know when when they say you don't know anybody to you live with them. I lived this. Man is not a bigot. Lebron had a. Are you still friends with them. So this day. Peter you still in communication with over. He's too busy. He's too busy I saw him about a year ago and in sort of like His love in our hearts because we go back but at the same time. It's not like he asked me What should i do a bad afghanistan. i you know. I don't even know if he knows that. I know that there is such place you know the you know we don't we don't talk about business. It's just the just during good to see each other because we do go back. It's it's probably the same somebody who goes to the fiftieth reunion for high school. Or something like that. You see people you knew that. Were really good people to time. And i do explain in my book. Some of the things about all that That caused me to have a loyalty after him because of the kind of person that he was in the way he would help people He was just an outstanding young guy. I mean when you look back and see who he was that was outstanding men everything that he became since then loving less now. The school the The president yourself went to is that a feeder school for the military. Did you serve. What was the dynamic of the school went as it translates military servants. While we we had a certain percentage of our class would go onto a norwich shore to The us military academy I don't know of anyone who went to the naval academy on the air force academy. I don't even know that.

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