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Us out forever. Dog podcasts dot com. We've got a lot of different stuff all under this comedy banner, though, Las Culturas tricks in the city team creeds. Yeah, great. Ever. Also, we have a lot of great like we're starting to kind of branch into the narrative world. So we have some pod Kelly. The podcast for laundry Hampton, high pockets for laundries all Brett Davis, who is a really well no New York comedian who is obsessed with laundry and invites people to talk about laundry with him, but it's really not about laundry all it's about his descent into madness and talking about kind of experiments in narrative storytelling, that something we're really interested in as well. I think it's something that drew us to bioshock infinite that we try to do in our own work is kind of really pushing the bounds of podcasting and trying to figure out how how we can sort of tell different kinds of stories through this soul exclusively. Audio media definitely check out the shows and like follow us on Twitter at forever. Dog team like our page on Facebook and more stuff subscribe to write reviews. Stuff helps. Thanks, thank you. So we're not done. We're not. I will. I will plug the same thing. Obviously, they'll be shared plug. And then since we're in Texas, I would say my favorite restaurant ever been to is this restaurant. I just found out it closed. I know I was so heartbroken knows in El Paso and it's called Googlers ADL vice, and it was a lived in Paso for a summer and it was near the hotel. This was I don't know what else looks like now, but it used to be like I'd never seen a city with without any kind of suburbs to it. El Paso is like the city and then the fucking desert. And then there's no sort of gradual transition and its hinterland. Yeah, it's like a media and right on the edge. What are the farthest you could go and they'll pass it before you hit the desert right next to the hotel? I was at a restaurant called Edel vice windowless from the outside, no, no way in. And then I was like, I'm gonna go here and then. I can see my depleted. And then I opened up the door and it is a fucking alpine like wonderland inside this place. They got big murals on the walls, the Alps. They have like a full German menu of all different types of the word's escaping me now schnitzel. So all different types of schnitzel and they would have abandoned their with the Cordiant's and like it was also in El Paso, and it was very popular full. Every time I went, there was pats and visit your local locals loved it. I don't know why it closed. They would probably hiding Nazi It's true. true. Circus's kids. Yeah. How'd you figure that? Did you look it up? I did because I had this weird stalled a trip to their day. I was like, what's go to vice and and I looked it up to sort of because I wanted to visualize it because it was like fading from my memory and on yelp it said permanently closed. Sorry about that. Yeah, yeah. There you go. Go eat at this place that doesn't exist, but the place that is only only one of them in outside of Philadelphia. They're doing very well. They have they have five franchises. There are fans little Kruk, their fans and Philadelphia that we have. So I people like yelling like all people in Texas probably know about l. passer, no, like, you know, look, if you know about good. There's eight of ice contact. Start a podcast. Thank you guys so much. Thank you for having us. It's really a pleasure. It was really fun talking about this. All right. So so go play the game. Everybody play bioshock one then go play bioshock, infinite shock to and then go check out forever forever. Philadelphia, which is the worst fucking. With Bill eight for also. Everyone's asks naked in it. Nudist colony brunch. Are the eggs terrorists gusting everyone's, yeah, it's it's weird. It's a horrible experience. Any Alex key player has joined? I ruined it. Now you're, I should do it again. You would again shock infinite this new players joined by. Bye. Remember the Alamo titans are. Yes, right. Kristen, I'm, I'm so upset that I didn't get my.

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