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Him beautiful boy is like my second favorite movie of the year. Is that right? Yeah, it knocked me flat. How come it's not on your list because I again, I thought was I thought was better than Hugh Jackman, you know. Okay. But that's not what the the exercise was. It was to predict who I think would be nominated, and I don't know that the sentiment is there for Steve Carell. And or at least that movie like I loved it. But I think a lot of people came out of Toronto with a really mixed reaction to the film while the reason for that is because the movies, it's non linear, it doesn't have like the forward flowing dramatic arc that most movies do jumps back and forth in time, which by the way is exactly what I loved about it because the movie is based on two separate books written by the father, right? Two different perspectives, chef Nick chef in the movie. So that really lends a different sort of story. I like seeing the that kind of addiction tail through the father's is. It was heartbreaking. However, Shah Timothy channel may has emerged from Toronto as the more likely actor for supporting right for supporting, but it seems like so it's just seems like Steve Corrales work, maybe overshadowed by his own coast, why I didn't put him on. I understand. And you know, I feel I, you know, the top three that we talked about, I feel like our locks, whether our rank is. Different. I feel like they're, they're pretty. They're pretty much good, good bets, but I just really warmed up to the film. Yes, absolutely. The Xiaomei but definitely Steve Carell just that he is a phenomenal phenomenal actor who shedding sort of this, what he's better known for, which comedies because he's really doing a lot more dramas. And so so. So with that revelation of Steve Carell thing, I'm shocked shocked that Ryan Gosling is not on your prediction sleaze number six on my list. Okay. So he got the first the top honorable mentioned slot, but but why didn't he crack the field? Okay. I don't think he's gonna get nominee. I could play Cup tomorrow and Ryan Gosling. The thing is I think Ryan Gosling is phenomenal predicting what I think will make the list. Okay. And you think he's gonna be snubbed as much as much as I loved him and I love his performance. In I band, I feel like there's been a little bit of. Sort of resistance to his character being emotionally inaccessible, and that might hurt his chances. The movie itself is done in a spectacular way because it's so visceral. But I feel like the movie itself is is going to get. It's going to get a lot of recognition. I feel like Ryan Gosling, you know, the more I talk about a right now. I feel like he could be the, he really could and should make number five. I really don't know. I hope he does. I hope I'm wrong. I would love to see him land on this list. But I mean, it's, there's, he's on the honorable mention lists. Like who else might be in the conversation this here? Let's talk about that before. We like sort of run it down at the end affect. So there was a trailer this morning for the mule, which which we watch together Clint Eastwood could be a stealth contender. Now he could give Robert Redford a run for his money. He could. He could now a Clint Eastwood also never won an Oscar for acting, but he does have two Oscars for directing for unforgiven for million dollar baby. And the interesting thing about the meal is this the Mulas watercolors and just recently maybe like a week or two ago, one of brothers that they were going to put the mule on it and release it indecember say, last minute, sort of a last minute decision with less Clint liked his fifteen seventeen to para state in February, right? But here's the thing million dollar baby was added to the list in two thousand four. At the very last minute came out to win, came out of nowhere. When's best picture director actress supporting actor from Oregon. Freeman and screenplay for. I think it looks like a real commercial play, but right it could. It could. I mean, I feel like you know, again, we just saw the trailer which the trailer looks pretty awesome. I think so too. Or is it a more mainstream movie hard to say, like Clint Eastwood is eighty eight years old and he's a lead actor claim directed playing aging criminal, like Robert Redford now. Oh, interact. There are parallels there. I see that being a piece and could that ca- throw wretched fight when Eastwood had not said that this would be his last movie Redford right? The different ones picking up on that. Some other others in the mix Willem Defoe who who is a big player last year for the Florida project. He's playing Vincent Van Gogh in eternity is gate. That's that. Seems like the smallest film of all the best actor contenders in the conversation right now and it CBS films will do they have the muscle to sort of get getting nominee in there? Was he on your honorable mention list? My honorable mention lists that buzzes there, though, right? Someone who was Lucas hedges for for erase. I, I keep getting beautiful boy and boy, and I know that's going to happen a lot with a lot of people. They're obviously very different movies, but I feel like you know, whenever someone has a screenplay where they need a troubled teen, they're like, get Eluki's hedges, exactly. But lesson he wants an Oscar nominee. I performance in Manchester by the sea, and I feel like he gives a very deserving performance as it is it on my list for the top five, nobody is on my honorable mention. I saw last week. I said, boy response. We can really liked it. It's really, it's very affecting. He's good, and he has another movie. Ben is back in, which is said to be pretty good opposite. Julia Roberts, that's also very good. I saw, but I do have the Mortenson for green book. Running back for our top five. All right. Okay. So we could definitely agree that we got Christian bale Bradley Cooper, Bobby Malik. Okay. Okay. So four and five or who we have to decide on. All right, I will if you give me Vigo Mortenson for grain book. Okay. I will give you Robert Redford for the old man in the gun deal tally and that can be the fun. That'll be the five. Okay. So our top five, four this show again, who's the number one slot the number one paper with ballast. Number one. They also for the Showtime seat and again, folks, crucial bail Bradley Cooper, Rami Malik. Vigo Mortenson Robert Redford, right? There's our list there. It is right Christian bell. Are there any other any like crazy longshots you could see like Chadwick bozeman for Black Panther John David, Washington for black klansman. John C Reilly has a couple of movies. He's in the sisters, brothers, and the standing Ali, which I thought looked pretty good. That could be a dark horse sisters. Brothers is not really making a lot of knowing, Ethan Hawke for first reform because I've heard him referred to as the actors pick well, Cassagnol mini-me nominal in that movie. And if you go to gold derby, which is where a lot of other Oscar pundits prediction I have. They do have a lot of them have Ethan Hawke on their list for best actor for first reform, but you don't think it's up like a top five or six. Five. I don't know if it's a top five. I do think that that even hawks direction of bleeds was nominated. I missed that by not enough people are talking about it for him to make this director that could change. Okay. I think that's it. We settled on a list. We set all very quickly. I actually thought this is going to be much more contentious with you. I really thought you were going to go for Gosling and we were going to have a knock down, drag out five of Kosslick. I mean, you know if we do this show again tomorrow, I might say, I want to see the movie again too because I remember being tired the night that I saw. I know it's a Damian to seating, go and see that movie. I max well, listen, this was a lot of fun. I thought this is going to be very contentious toward the end there and look as far as buying gasoline goes. I mean, I think he's great if this was my list, one that I was going to nominate, he'd be on it, but I'm just trying to wrap my head around how the rest of the kademi voters which are now what we're here for thousands isn't about us. It is about it is, but it is, but listen baked shat out to our to our beloved Perry number off. I hope we all we all hope you're having a great time in the year Comecon we know you are. We can't wait you to come back to join us for the next episode of for your consideration. What are we going to tackle? What category just have to come back next time and find out until next time f- fly sea later, FBI and cavenaugh. I'm Tim Maguire within AP news minute Senate as a confidential report from the FBI on the latest background check of supreme court. Nominee, Brad Kavanagh, protesters went to the supreme court. And appear Senate office buildings today DeVos their disapproval of cavenaugh.

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