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That knows how to make small business a bigger deal. Only her this tax history has in place. This out of Texas Justice rules case, they don't like it love it. They say we're all round all the Saab tits. All's re rule, and we do roll along here on your other Saad, Texas, Jay west, Texas. Lease. We kick off another episode here of the program. Glad you're tuning in. I'm grinning ear to ear that you'd be here with this from the studios or buddy Holly, but came famous today, we have Ross Ramsey coming up, and then our friend might bizarre. Ross Ramsey of the Texas Tribune, it is budget day in the Texas house, which means that they could go late late into the night and early morning debating the budget, and what you need to know about the budget, and whether or not you knew that they were debating a budget. Why that? Matters. And what they're talking about. What's at the center of the debate? Also Ross Ramsey gonna talk to us about a couple of other issues while property tax relief may not be for all Texas tax payers property tax, quote, unquote, relief is the way I would edit the headline, and then some of the secrets of Texas government aren't supposed to be secrets open meetings acts in one that matters. It's always bothersome to me that you know, it like it my birthday party. There were couple of city council people there if there were a believe four city council people there, then that would be a Corum in how cool would that be at your birthday party to have a quorum? But what's not cool is that four people could be talking about something in make arrangements for something. So that the meeting itself is really? Not a meeting. It's formalized. What was not discussed in public? But was the baited disgust hash through in private. That's a big deal. Ross Ramsey's gonna get in with that in. Then we'll have our friend, Mike Petar. So that I can put on my tinfoil hat. Another addition a temporal hat here on the program, man. I'm just getting over toll, sir. That was that was quite a trip with some great folks in really enjoyed my time out there in the NCWA tournament in folks, I'm gonna tell you I'm really worn out right now. I've said before in a a make a little add on the show about it. But started as a real estate agent, the not realtor guy, but more working with commercial properties in. The only thing I can think to liken it to is eating the big Texan in that. You just sit down and you take a bite at a time. And and I'll finish it just like I did the big Texan twice. But you learn it, and you do it and you keep on learning and doing and doing and learning and it's like anything else luck favors those who put forward the effort in and things are beginning to come together there and really fortunate to be in the place that I am in. Appreciate those who've reached out to me to help them with. They're industrial commercial. I don't wanna make an ad here. I've just sitting down at the end of a long day thinking holy cow. Where did the time go before other side at Texas kicks off a whole lot of fun? They're, you know, something that I talk about pretty often is the gun in the middle. And it's the guy in the middle that I pay attention to politics. I always say that I'm a west Texas can win on a rant yesterday about the Lubbock county Republican party. Which you know is the reds porn of America right here on the Texas cap rock and yet fifty to seventy five people show up for the annual meetings. And there's a reason for that. And the reason is not that people are disinterested. Obviously, they're very interested..

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