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Diamondbacks. One Call Yeah. Hold off Louis Gonzales. Saying yes that's a great one world series gained seven same day. Wow Sherron failing which Roger Clemens Buck in the eighties love it? Red SOX LEGENDS CURT Schilling Against Red Sox the Yankees their fourth world series in a row. Ooh Dr here. So start of one dynasty was the finish of another writer over here. All right. Yeah take notes Michelson. Wait wait you cut that a news article and put that in your book about the Patriots. And you start yeah. I think I must've been same day so I was like. I gotTA throw this in here because the Yankees this transfer the Patriots I all all right my best worse my best. I think I think I'll go brady with his first ever third and short. Qe sneak where the empty backfield and had him. Do the quick qb sneak. I ever saw it first of many that he would always convert changed. The game now has a thousand yards rushing one yard at a time twenty fucking years later Russia and started there is is average paresh because he has all the yield downstream negatives his long Russia's like eighteen nineteen year old is average has got to be on her and a half. It's not a lot Oh also honorable mention was Terrell Buckley up at wide receiver. Yeah and getting a pass to him on the street play early little weed off and see it go down with the patients always a wide receiver playing defensive. Back when you have that in the bills came through with you. Pass a Jesse Jackson right. I don't think different games maybe concern although I wouldn't be surprised if Moore does something like that I'm GonNa play off Luxy Gilmer on the on the scout team wide receiver like. Oh Yeah. They did say that crazy even playing a lot and I'm pushing through a ball where he really spread out. I don't think so I'll double check what is so my worst and this is probably my favorite worst of the worst. The season so-fi far. Yeah Jermaine wiggins he got a a tripping call in the second quarter somewhere and use you trim calls are usually kind of Borel guys beans kinda sticks out. Jermaine wiggins flopped on the ground and just like the guys who flailed his legs almost like a dead fish like flopping and tragic kick the guy in the junk and missed and got called for that on that play and the next play had a false start like immediately afterwards. Didn't seem for the rest of the talk about the commentators about the flags going out. Yeah yeah but that was like one of the few legitimate. It was so badly I twenty five. Oh yeah it was brutal yes. Some of these sneakers were real bad. Oh yeah the pages picked up twenty yards on a thirty one point kids. Don't watch his games in the entirety. They're actually not that fun. Highlights actually if you go to Paris I know lucky for us. There are no highlights of each game. I don't think for the most part of the majority of them so you need to listen. And let's say on the website Patriots Dicillo Info. Well big plays all the all the highlights. What would they do? You GotTa get the context. 'cause just that's true. Roy Brown's miracle catch out of nowhere. Spotless Snag Snatch let's fair all right. Let Him Watch the cleanest call I am. I think we'd beat this debt enough. I got I got one more surprise. All right you already kind of blew it phony Agata. Krispies comes early Pres- all what is happening here. This season not share real mine. Brad Beth. While Fair Practices Licensing put one picture like one of those cool ones at U. N. Website that like like not get us at another one from Patriots twitter. She's like get us. Nfl Logos or anything else. That who is this? It was like the people at the cut she was great shout Adriana. She was ownership rate sale customer sales for those who can't see it. Is Bill Belichick but no no? He's the pope pope slice in bell attack polling. Rosaries it's fitting. Yeah wow well. Designed Patriots dying on the front. We may have to so both of these on the website of some wild. Thank you guys. I love you America's choice. Merry Christmas to all our listeners. By that I mean our mom Mama Brad who's standing outside watching US Karolinska three allies sometime Christmas in July? And she will get to re. Listen to all of this as she wa- should happen next week. Coho don't ruin anything from the opponents the saints game or the Rams when they lose the rent no well it ruined check my. You can check your scrap uh-huh at home with the bills right correct. The one six bills will visit Foxboro stadium. You want a sneak peek. No we don't WANNA speak. Don't ruin it yeah. I know I know it's going to give you like one of these cryptic headlines Withdraw Pretty. Yeah pretty obvious. Oh how about this? This is a good teaser. Many are taking hits for Johnson decision. Oh Iran Gorgeous Johnson. Oh that's really accurate. We didn't even talk about the next time. I had a note. One one last note and this on a Lavon. Well this is how it starts. More more putter Falcons was averaging less than thirty yards a punt and I wrote whereas Johnson. We Need Them. I I I feel like punting the ball further now they are considering that region lake forty yards apart and I was like well. That Sucks Austin. `Jay more Christmas McClure so bad. I'm Scott Chandler. Gotcha all right. Merry Christmas guys. Love this stall of you and your family and your loved one. We'll see in two thousand twenty you Betcha..

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