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To stop this I would say culture of fact you can discipline someone by beating them the physical abuse that would call it this is Q. and day on C. span radio our guest this week is Saudi Arabian women's rights activist Manal al Sharif you choose the most in your lifetime to be the most interesting who beat you at that where was the most severe beating and I'm and I'm kind of leading up to whether or not that was your ex husband you know I have I have my my status meeting growing up in Saudi Arabia and that was indeed actually my eyes that that when I left my name it was because of physical abuse not only the emotional abuse I would what what what what his phase of Colombia's be like the card is with the hands with a hand clenching did you have any place to go when your ex husband was punching here and all I can hardly be a home and go to the police as he puts the mine they were summoned him they would ask you to sign they would not put him in jail even if she has a medical report they would summon him and he has to sign a pledge promising not tool again the problems he gets sent to the same abuse our house and this is the kids maternity beach is a girl who is twenty nine years old he was beaten she complained her fall against her brother who is younger than her her father complaints against her to drop the charges and she was sent to jail not her brother the social media went into a frenzy they let the Kerr alt six months later to living in an abusive Halsey finds option if the halls they put her back in jail for the crime of being absence from head abusers house so that's a problem that we don't have even if there is filters for woman only twenty eight managed because they treat those abused women and victims as criminals they lock them and those houses I sold it to the shelter she's the guardian with her user to sign the papers so she gave the shelter or jail the same there's also the story of the nine is this loon who run away from had abused abusing abuse if the family they quoted in men a lot she was on the way to Australia for a sign in the Clinton Amandla and the center back high cost doctor but her mouth and he's in jail she's in a correctional facility for women under thirty this will happen to the abused women in my country I want to play for you an interview that I did here in two thousand and six with Turki al Faisal who at the time was the ambassador from Saudi Arabia to the United States and we talked about women and the Saudi society is not very long about forty minutes forty seconds the most prized woman today is Hondarribia he's a woman with a job she is being carried by her parents to to go and find a job because he brings in income and they don't have to spend money on her her siblings look up to her and want to do like her and equally importantly he sought after by suitors and I think this is this is what is going to happen to women driving two people are going to to come in the events together because social changes is what will what will drive the these factors so what do you think the way he said that was eleven years ago is this what were you eleven years ago I was walking around cool Aramco yes so what do you think of what I agree that social change is the one that will these changes yeah that I always and this is the beautiful thing about Saudi Arabia by the way the government invest so much and women in the case I get free education I got free education I went to computer science college and woman arsenal going to study for their master degree peachy anything docile degree twenty covered by the government there was a lot in our education our problem is the frustration when I go back home when I finished my education I do find a job because that we are only fourteen percent it was eleven percent like two or three years ago number fourteen percent only for the work force I would highly educated women how society but I can't find and I believe a woman can reach her full potential cannot reach her full potential and this he gets a good education and his finance an independent from the mine so she can read on how life on her decisions but I do agree educated working woman is what Heidi via needs today when I show you some video all video of Aramco and then I want you to explain what Aramco is is this isn't another short clip just to give you a sense of what it looks like the evens out of Saudi Arabia he had these somewhere within these readings and the key to.

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