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But like if you cross check someone you could get a shot back now, that's not necessarily acceptable one punishment does not fit that crime. And that the difference between now and. And then yes. But there is that to your point that older demographic. And then I still maintain there's still some of the younger demo still thinks that that's fine. And like that that gets I think it's less because going up ever understood. Oh, if you're going to do to someone you're going to have to stand up and face it when I was a kid on the playground. I remember the first time I got punched in the face because I was I was asking for and, but now, you know, it's different times are different now. Interesting interview with with Kevin and he was fantastic. All right. Let's do some ask thirty one here to wrap up the old podcast. This one comes from Brody. What do you believe the problem between Todd McLellan, and yes, he pull your v is why you can't get first line minutes when the others are quite weak at right wing and eat a hard right hand shot on PP one. Hashtag ask thirty one coaches want to win. And you look at time McClellan the heat was on him at the beginning of the year this year. Something fierce, do you think he's sitting pull Yar if he things pull you are you can help them win. No. And here's further fuel to that. He's working allow with Manny vivre. More so than Todd McLellan whenever I see a situation that I wonder to myself has Todd we all have preconceived notions about players in different situations. And I look at that. And I say to myself is that Todd McLellan saying, I don't know what to here with this player. He's not fitting Manny can you get through to him. Yes. I wonder if he was close he's a couple of days ago to getting sent to Bakersfield, he's not playing. That's the end of the world. That's what I'm saying. I don't think it's the end of the world going play. If there's not a spot few next to Leon dry settled not a spot next to con- mcdavid Foy. There's nothing wrong with going to Bakersfield and playing when I look at at play RV. Now, we say myself. So what is he like what kind of player is? He's not a blazing foot speed guy. His shot is still it's like a nineteen seventies long drag kinda shot like, I don't know what type of player he is. Like, I don't know who he is. And you might translate while he hasn't been given a long enough stretching. He's third year. Pro like, I don't know who he is. And I don't know what he's going to become they still see a lot of. Well, I don't like the skating, and I still haven't seen the shot evolve. Into what a shot it's supposed to be in two thousand eighteen who is this guy. And then I think to myself this is me thinking this time Cohen thinking, and maybe more importantly, Wisconsin mcdavid thinking, what's the dry sidled thinking? So might not just be about to brody's question might not just be taught. No, I think that guys wanna win and they'll put guys out there who they think will help them win. And for whatever reason Todd McCullough doesn't think this guy's capable of getting him to win. From Bishop is there a coach more important who his team than very trots? This year. Maybe not when I did that big Vars piece. One of the players told actually two of them told me they thought the season was going to be a disaster. They really did. They thought the organization would have a hangover losing virus. And it was just going to be a nightmare. And they both said that they realise that lamb Lello trots. They had a plan. They're gonna come in. This is how we're going to do things and every day was shaped awards this as how we're going to do things and they realized they had hoped now. I know you're a PD guy. And I'm a PD oh guy. And I guess right now, the analytics guys will say it's still might be a long season by the still like I mean, the thing is you got ride it while you can..

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