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Caputo, mark. Always great to talk to you. And let's start with Val Demings in the news that you broke earlier in the week. Originally, the conventional wisdom seemed to be that She would run against Marco Rubio for the U. S Senate seat. But then there was a lot of talk that she was looking more at a race for at the race for governor going up against the Santis. But then you broke earlier this week that she is in fact going to enter the race against Marco Rubio. Can you talk a little bit about what's driving that decision? She gave it. I think she gave it a long, hard look. And you know what I think What she thinks is a better race for her. Is the Senate race? Uh, now that that could be because she thinks Marco Rubio like being easier candidate than Santa's. I've got to say Not sure if that's true. I'm not saying either are easier, tough to beat. But it takes quite a bit of analysis and I don't think it was actually done, you know, polling and focus group wise on who's easier, tougher to beat. So I do think it's a fault of the war but get decision of where she wants to be. And one of the things that Demings people said to me and describing her thinking. Was that you know, While she really dislikes run two Santas, and she kind of loads the Senate Republican Caucus Maurin Washington on and says that they're you know they're obstruction. Their opposition. For instance, the covert relief bill only to then see a number of Republicans in Congress turn around and talk about all the great things in the code release till they voted against. That was just kind of one of those bridges too far for her and she decided, you know this would be best. You'd best not only for her On only for the party in the state. Also, the party kind of nationally because Val Demings does does have does generate a lot of grassroots enthusiasm and in the base. I have seen it. My Twitter feed, and I was surprised. By how much folks on the left for cheering this on, but they know her. They like her. Now can she win? Well? Democratic Party's gonna have to do way more in sort of the fieldwork aspect of what a party should be doing, and they're not that is registering voters organizing, staying in touch with them that that seems to have just kind of disappeared in the post Obama era. And the election results are showed show why that's been folly for them. Any idea what this means for Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy, because accidents have reported last week that she was really looking at at running against Marco Rubio and now with about Demings entering that race, although she hasn't officially announced but certainly sounds like that's that's a short thing. What does that mean for Stephanie Murphy? Well, it means it's stepping Murphy's go states a really tough primary. If she decides to run, you know, the national Democrats are ah, little more behind or a lot more behind. Perhaps Demings, then they are Murphy. They Demings has better name I d. She? She's a dynamic public speaker s O. You know, she can raise the money. She can rile the base And you know if you're facing an opponent like that, and Stevie's biggest Florida when you don't have a lot of name I d that's problematic. This certainly opens the door. This decision and again I'm talking to Politico's mark, a poodle for Nikki Freed to enter the race for governor. We figured she was probably couldn't do that, anyway. With an upcoming announcement, perhaps is is early is too and first Charlie Crist is already in when it comes to that race. Could Stephanie Murphy shift attention to the race for governor? Yes, she could. I think the that sound you heard throughout Florida was Charlie Christian. Nikki Freed, exhaling like who doesn't gonna be running for governor? Right s? Oh, yeah. You know, merging into that Murphy gets to stay put. I mean, you know, this is gonna be similar to why Demings chose to run for the Senate race. It's just gonna be kind of a gut call, um You know, there's a kind of a more conventional wisdom among Democrats that bloody primaries are bad. I think that's that's probably not the case. Ah, lot of People start paying attention when there's competition when there are campaigns. And so that's probably something that Democratic party could need. So you know, perversely what might be bad for Stephanie Murphy of primary a spirited primary against her across town, Maybe rival Val Demings could be good for the party in that it would kind of generate that amount of attention, excitement and maybe even enthusiasm. But again if you don't register voters is Democrats. All of these discussions, you know, for the general election. You know, become rather hedged. That is, you know, you have to start hedging it toward the Republicans simply because of the way the state performs and how the voter rolls look. Definitely if all things are equal you without a doubt, I think, give the edge to Republicans in the state. One of the question on this one, right? It's a It's a mid term of a democratic president. And usually you know, voters kind of tact the other way. Now, you know, it is folly to judge a Florida election before it happens Hell more than a year before. Election day. But this is just kind of the state of play as we see it now, So the caveat is, is that things can change. You know, the only constant is change and then final question for you When you talk to Democrats. Is there any concern that you've got Charlie Crist? He's exiting his seat. That is potentially a toss up race. You could have Stephanie Murphy looking to run for higher office. That's potentially a toss up race. You know, they don't have a lot of room to work with. If they want to hold onto the house E think you've hit the nail on the head pretty well. Is the those air pretty broad concerns..

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