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Coming up in three minutes latest on the urban Meyer saga Good punishment or slap on the wrist analysis on the way it's Scott slowed show seven hundred w w real quick here on Greta van, fleet by the way awesome band out of Michigan, Greta, van, fleet, you, need that in your life if you like Led Zeppelin you need that in your life at five one three seven four nine seven thousand eight, hundred big one pound center AT and. T. chip Hart from. The great outhouse on seven hundred WWF five AM in, the, middle like three, in the morning on Sunday some got off lower he gets up and does a radio show chip partisan longtime Clermont county. Resident and actually is one of those guys who shows up all the Clermont county board meetings to get his two cents. In he wants to chime in this morning, on David painter in his no vote on the FC Cincinnati stadium practice facility deal I guess I should say chip good morning Good morning thanks for opening a. Door should I say to you good good afternoon because you get up at before the ass crack Adana shoot things that's. True that's true or catch things we're catching You. Left me little, time when, you open the door for me to step, in here this morning. But I bet for this project since its. Inception last, year and a half ago. Regarding Mr. painter cessation I? Think, he you know he has his reasons he made a. Decision and that's that's. Great but. To the point of the. Bigger picture You know most of the opposition may to this with AB how it came. About you know, and the, funding mechanisms and things like this but Clermont, county has had a. Wonderful opportunity to really bring something in planning Like every other Like Warren county has Butler county and Hamilton county. And everybody else, but you know this is the kind of thing that becomes a signature Gosh attraction. And I think it's Spurs additional development in that area and really you know Clermont county is. Really on the, cusp of development outlet route thirty two with infrastructure improvements Park but it's you know every county and he can offer a tax abatement to attract business and, that's done daily and you know this is in. My mind that you have to have the things total that will. Create value, to an, area for businesses to expand or relocate and we've been passed, up a lot out here And I think it's time to really grabbed a bull by the horns and sure there's a. Shortfall for the Milford schools and and and maybe the city of Milford but you. Know, hopefully they can come up with that, with additional, tax income, developments that might make is surely come along with it Jeff Anderson said at one main. Gallery that he, would gladly pay double tax is right now in order to facilitate this so we need more business owners like Jeff Henderson to step up and. Do that oh I definitely believe that in there That whole area out there Has has a lot of potential because there's there's. There's other additional land available I know there was a a developer that was at the hearing last week, where there was, public comment and he said, it's wonderful from his perspective and he's been in business out there eight years that he is able to now retain exist in tenants on land east developing ERC developed plus additional construction and. Development that's going to occur, so there's a good Tuesday and this is. This is like the seed that starts a. Lot of things? And Clermont 'cause Clermont, county large degree is a it's. Kind of a blank canvas I think this is a good start to. To drive additional revenue. Chip, I gotta roll. Buddy thanks bigger chip Hart you'll hear him on, Sunday mornings at five year seven hundred News traffic and weather News Radio seven hundred w, ELL Cincinnati And then. There, was one with a nine thirty report Bryant. Combs breaking now, Sears is announced another round of store closings. In this time a pair of tristate locations are being affected the company says both the mall stores in Florence and Northgate are shutting down and the going out. Of business sale will start by the end. Of the month these closings are going to leave the Sears Eastgate location is the only mall store they have left in the tri-state Northgate closing includes the. Sears auto center which will close by the end of September Sears has been experiencing declining sales for some time is closed over two.

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