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Good Morning T. V. The and welcome back ladies and gentlemen all my border wars fan. HASHTAG board awards. We are back at Saturday morning and we are six weeks out from. I'm bored. Awards February twenty ninth scoring Damn. It's going down. We're going to be in Dallas Texas the home home of SOG. Eric crews and we're going to have some fantastic fights obviously on the docket is our main event we have the return of the WBZ champion WB a unified champ from Sada would Texas own. Marvin the taint firmin three. You know it's going to be taken on iron south from California. The one in no sow has almost two years out of the ring in competition but definitely doing his part in the Jim and we have updates on. Marvin's training camp. You can check that out on board awards for sure. Shot out the Harry in the chat all all the way from India. Would it do Stanley in New Orleans. Would it do shoutout big supermax Texas. Would it do. Yes yes yes. Yes we rockin out team Texas four horsemen big. supermax will also be an action. He's going to be taking on Morocco Joe in an all out heavyweight affair Morocco joe new to the ecosystem and big supermax claims. He should be one in. Oh he feels he beat Santiago in their last fight and he wanted to correct a wrong light. deontay wilder the boots on the go head to have some surgery and he wasn't able to participate in season seven of border wars so supermax kept it moving and got the next. It's Beck sting in Morocco. Joe Morocco Joe is new once again new to the ecosystem and ready to make his debut you know make his presence in name felt man just like every Boorda wars fighter out there. We have a lot of new new participants this season and it's only getting bigger On the CO main event probably the highest Skilled fight on board wars. Till date will have meeting. Who correct me if I'm wrong is seven and one plus a belt holder in the Queensbury League in the United Kingdom? And then you have Elias who is about a seven an amateur Seven fight amateur here in the states And he's going to be taking all MIDI Unlike many people who wanted to fight committee and and you know trying to I guess. Get Some tune-ups and See where they were. This guy's coming straight from the top. He's coming straight for the top enmity. And I think it's going to be one of the Highest skilled level fights. We've seen on board awards without a doubt coach Midi from the UK and allies liners from right here and the East Coast. We gotTA chat saying He who greets with fire is the screen and he says when you're bringing Boorda was back to the east coast. I can't use my vacations on really it. All depends on the fighters we get together. We decide where we want to go next because it's like a bowling league you know it's like a big fraternity right so We decide where we want to go next. We would decide what's The most economical comical for us in terms of flights and then being be hotel arrangements and most of that gets decided inside the very prestigious ages and exclusive Boorda wars chat. Once you sign up to board awards and you are a five dollar patron you get Included into this I message chat. I messages iphone Oni. So if you don't have a iphone you can't sit with us but if you have an iphone I mean you will be welcomed and into the family you will see the inner workings You'll hear the arguments. You'll see the trolling You will be attained. Some people on some people can only take a few days and they pull out The chat isn't for everyone but it is an exclusive chat. I Message Board awards chat only once you sign up. And then you are five dollar board awards participant on Patriots moving on with the car. We got another highly skilled old fight. DONAL I'll fight anyone Fernandez. Who took on Ricky Swift Davis who was a ten fight amateur? Donald took him on at one hundred fifty four and weighed in at one. Forty six and still got the win. This time. He's moving up yet again in competition taking on the former pro oh in jd from Houston. Texas J. D. has sparred with You know the likes of well. Actually he's been in the ring. Hatley you know I even believe he said Charl- no Yondo Evans just a bunch of names and this is J. D.'s. Mow Time to make a a mark and and Kinda on a change perception you know. Perception is he got beat up inspired by Lauren and then loss to midi. He says he chose the wrong game. Plan so this is his get back. Fight he who greets fire with fire says do I need experience while I'm three hundred pounds. Okay Okay and your six four well we got supermax. He's in the three hundreds and you know he's working down you know it's funny that you say you three hundred. I was watching a video on how to lose one hundred pounds. It's like like a year old blog where he was training due to lose one hundred pounds in the news. Pretty heavy knock it. Just think about the dude and look at them and say Dan. He looks like a border wars heavyweight but man that dude wow he squads better than I do I tell you that men that do my fucking train. I was impressed with his squad's I'm like Jesus he's going all the way down but you don't need any experience we will try to match you best. We.

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