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Pickup. Up bird died when he hit a curb and was decaffeinated. Furred sister Clara Taylor says king refused to acknowledge her presence as he was strapped onto the gurney peso interest to trial his saved those Sean no Epson him fish out Jucker, and dine was kind of bored than a trial to it. Same attitude to me another white man was executed for the crime eight years ago. A third is serving life in prison Virginia based Booz Allen Hamilton today announced it will expand its tech and cybersecurity operations in San Antonio, adding two hundred and fifty high wage tech jobs downtown those Allen has been a management consulting firm for decades, and it's moving aggressively into computer security. There's Allen is also one of the country's top firms for recruiting veterans bear county has dried out pretty well from yesterday's rains and today, not many roads are closed. There are only one low water crossing that remains barricaded the rains delay the repair that sinkhole on highway ninety in all westbound main lanes remain closed between Luke for ten and. Hutt lane. The Texas Senate has approved allowing school marshalls to openly carry firearms on school grounds. Just like school police do currently marshals who are school employees like teachers and coaches who get extra training have to store their handguns in a safe or lock box. The Senate Bill which now goes to the house allow school boards to make the decision on whether they're marshals can openly carry on new measure being debated in legislature would require that the state land office the Texas historical commission and the daughters of the Republic of Texas. Sign off on any attempt to move that Senator Jeff off of Alamo plaza state Senator Donna Campbell's, the sponsor. They feared a sacrifice is a work of art commission. Back in nineteen thirty six members. I do urge your support for this Texas treasure and ask you to remember.

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