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For. There you go. There's Matt Nagy about Chuck Pagano, the new defensive coordinator who people rave about. Yeah. No. He had a lot of success is defensive backs. Coach Baltimore he was there. Oh DC for one year. And they were very very good as players who have played for him rave about him. I I mean, how could you are you with this hire more than a solid hires? A former head coach in league Dalton bears official tweeted me, and he said why are you trying to stir stuff up that ain't there because they said Pagano is more aggressive now. There was some kind of an issue with Fangio stop it. I'm not telling you. There was any issue with Fangio. I'm just my belief is my from watching the bears play fourth quarter defense knowing what Vic Fangio's blitzing style is the way Nagy raved about Pagano in the release. And today is that they would like to ratchet it up a little bit more. That's by believe, I'm not stirring, anything up. Maybe I'm wrong. I'll ask GED and I'll ask Dan Wieder about that. But Vic Fangio the book on him has always been as a defensive coordinator, one of the least blitzing DC's in the National Football League. Yeah. I got home what forty times this year? They got got to the quarterback. I think they tied for third or fourth and sacks this year. They were obviously the best in the league taking the ball away. I didn't think that they had to blitz quite a bit. And remember when you don't blitz you can drop an extra player into coverage at times. So some years you blitz more than others. But yeah, I think that the book has always been that Vic is more conservative with his approach than say someone like Pagano. Let me play the Cody parkey stuff because I think a lot of people thought that we talked on Friday. I thought they would come in and they wouldn't to drag Cody parkey through the mud the day. Would they would just let their actions do the talking when they released them? We all believe that they're not bringing Cody parkey back. But when we got word that the press conference was Monday, I thought pace in Nagy would both come out and just say, look we're gonna handle the personnel decisions. When the new league year starts, and there's a lot to evaluate. We're a week away from when we were just eliminated. So it's all very fresh to us. And I thought they want to touch the this stuff from the today show, but they made it known. Cody parkey and what they thought about him. Here's Matt Nagy. I found.

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