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All right, Chuck. How you doing man? I'm pretty good. You are pretty good because we got a good game going on. All right. Chuck to tie the score. Who was the first first lady to be born in the twentieth century. Ooh. So that's an interesting question gets you get your mind around what we're asking get a calculator. She eventually became the first lady. But she was the first one that was born in the twentieth century. So she wasn't the first lady as the century turned don't get that. But. I could see that got it. Let go with. First lady. Our? Jackie kennedy. Jackie kennedy. Yeah. That's interesting. Yeah. That would be Jacquelyn. Hey, tough question. Yeah. That was tough. But there's still plenty of time to rebound as we move on to question. Number three. All right, Mr. Hamada start. Yep. What main presidential hideaway also hosts the annual national dump. We. I just played in for a good reason singles dump national dump week. And this is the only one I can think of Kennebunkport I was writing the check Mark. My goodness gracious. Okay. That's all right. Okay. Still time Chuck we're here. Here we go up already. Your question is this. What sitcom mom said when one of her kids uttered, they were bored. Go play in traffic. That was my mom is that sitcom mom said go play in traffic. Daddy was Roseanne. You what? It's like that. Chuck. Are you a Roseanne fan is that how you got that? I I'm not a fan. Got to give. Yeah. That was very good. Very good. All right Scottie. Okay. Well, this is interesting to what state in the US has sent the most presidents to the White House. Oh, that's a good question. I.

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