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Borsch has the story. Loans to grow small businesses. Property redevelopment incentives. Some of what the five million dollar. Grant will go toward for community organizations in Kensington, helping lift up communities is part of the job of the Bank J P Morgan boss. Jamie diamond is seen as a potential presidential candidate. He denies. You'll run says his focus is on growing company through projects like the fifty retail banking branches. They're putting in the area some of which are destined for low and middle income neighborhoods mayor KENNY'S Philadelphia, you get that kind of belief in us other companies start looking at the same thing and a high tide should lift all boats, Casey O'Donnell, runs, the community development nonprofit impact services, one of the recipients of what he calls a tide. Shifting investments neighborhood has suffered some really serious challenges. And yet the people are resilient Bush KYW NewsRadio. Authorities in Delaware of charged a Wilmington dad with a series of rapes and robberies and Newcastle county. Molly Daley has the story police. Lieutenant Colonel von bond says starting in February of. Two thousand seventeen a series of kidnappings robberies and sexual assaulted apartment complexes in Wilmington and Newark had Newcastle county on edge hockey communities were paralysed the multi agency tristate investigation led them to Forty-seven-year-old queasy Hudson. But he wasn't on the street. He'd been in custody in Pennsylvania since late that may and was later convicted of violent drug store robberies in Delaware County police in Delaware aren't saying how they found Hudson. But bond says just because he's been nabbed in charge. They haven't closed the investigation we're asking anyone who has ever regarding this subject. Queasy hustle. To call Newcastle county police department, Molly Daley KYW NewsRadio sixty three had cloudy going down to sixty two cable. News time ten forty what a comeback more than five years after his last win and after four surgeries on his lower back not left them wondering whether he could ever play golf again targeting woods played well enough to win the tour championship afterwards. He told NBC sports grind. That is the eightieth tournament win for Tiger Woods. Tom Foty CBS news the lesson. It seemed like most people gave up on tiger tiger never gave up. I'm tiger. News time, ten forty one traffic in a moment. We have an extra fridge in our garage. I can't remember how long we've had it or who gave it to us. Mysterious odor is coming from the bottom drawer. All I really know. Is that thing, smells, and I can recycle it and get money back from Biko? You don't have to be an expert because.

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