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This is <hes> prince d._j. Does shawn porter be courage ministry and normally bringing this ministry to you but as you know the when i was starting panisse mystery together for july hi my lice birthday and the ad i visit the visit her gray side aid on that day and then <hes> i had so many thoughts when my mind but then last night the fact that is august and what the two shooting incidents that happened in el paso and also in <hes> in ohio and <hes> my wife when she went home the twenty eighth is going to be very hard <hes> this month now i got a distraction thanks to podcasts movement and then the church started back up on wednesday night by the atomic come back saturday was real rough me i started having suicidal thoughts now just because the person had ethel thought doesn't mean that they are planning to kill himself but they did have in terrible terrible pain. People in grief <unk> people have p._t._s._d. Go through it and people who who are just mentally the press us. Go through this as well now. Fortunately people do go do it and logic have a thong the suicide national hotline they want people to know now even though as a rap not a worship awesome but even though it's a wrap it tells people that there is hope and there is <hes> there is hope even for people like us and they just want people to know the call the suicide hotline and <hes> so if i'm if i'm allowed to law number i will give it to you if i'm able to go to the place that was trying to get the okay here. It is one eight hundred two seven three eight two five five again. If you're having suicidal thoughts please you call eight hundred two seven three eight two five five. If you're listening to the big diesel internationally <hes> you could call the <hes> <hes> the number that is from your country and the the there <hes> and there you could <hes> you could also you could also call them. Please please call please call. I know we're all here for a reason and i know that times are tough and we want to go home but if we're still here for a reason and i still still wish everyday that guy was sent me home but if we're here for a reason must be something good so i'm gonna play logic jake the the national suicide hotline. I'm a yesterday's rap but i.

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