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A lot of cases for a lot of players to be compared with Michael Jordan at the very top in the NBA. There are those who still make the case for the big men wilt Chamberlain Bill Russell Kareem abdul-jabbar the great big forwards in the history of the game. Lebron James Certainly at the very top Kobe Bryant in the back court and even Tim Duncan who often is forgotten in the debate. Perhaps the greatest power forward in the history of the game. Whatever your opinion may be. There's one thing everyone can agree on. There's nothing reeler than a team that you can rely on when you want the real deal like a good neighbor state farm. Is there one of the biggest questions that I keep hearing from team executives that they're getting from their players will a superstar player be treated the same if he has positive as if me as a role player do with there? Will there be a double standard there. Fascinated based on the level of Star. And how he impacts the playoffs and the answer to that has to be. Yes I mean it has to be yes but it is interesting that that question does come up. A Lot will essentially. Will there be selective enforcement. And guided certainly. This isn't like a role player. Could go in the playoffs and say hey are you going to officiate me the same way? You're GONNA Fish Lebron or why hansard probably is no but in this case the answer has to be yes and There's no getting around that and so I don't think there's an organization that would put itself in the position to hide a positive test to this climate. It would be the end of your career. It's not worth it and I don't think a League would WANNA even if you're considering the worst ethics of everybody. I'm not I'm not. I don't think that's anybody's planner intention. But I do think human nature that players are asking that and I think the league will be unequivocal to them. That it's this is going to be absent of your standing in the League. If you test positive you're out of there. Yeah I am fascinated to see what it all looks like just physically where players can go. What's going to be open to them? Because obviously the League has pushed back on the bubble terminology as too restrictive Amazon visit environments. But I think the answer to your question is emphatically. Yes the superstar. The role player will be treated the same. I think this is going to be the only way this works it from what I've heard people in the League is. This has to be as buttoned up his strict as possible. Without being the equivalent of incarceration basically and I don't think there is any room for exceptions or sloppiness. I don't think this is going to be a particularly pleasant experience for anybody. I don't think it's GonNa be pleasant for the media. I don't think it's I. I just think it's going to be Really really strict in. And that's the only works and there's a bunch of questions like like I. There's a think of all the logistical lessons. They have to answer like what if an owner no owner is. Maybe no owner. Maybe some well but I. I don't think a lot of owners are hungry to stay in in the campus environment for three months and so if an owner wants to fly in and watch his team play a playoff game and fly out. How does that work because I mean I? I have a hard time imagining that. Some of the richest people in the world and big. Yeah I was just those chill here for three months. Be in the bubble. How does that work? I I don't know I mean families I don't there's just I think it's going to be unpleasant. I don't think I don't think you know I think if you wanted to go. And he said well I wanNA bring my wife. I want to bring my kids. I think that's just a hard. No I think it's a hard no for for almost everybody. I think there's going to be as the season unfolds there. I think there's going to be more opportunity from what I've gathered for whether it's beyond players players to have family there it may not be available to you in the chew week quarantine slash training camp initially and remember after you get through the first wave of half the after people there leave once their teams eliminated. It's over quick for many. It'll be over quicken and those who stay are going to be motivated by the fact that they're advancing in the playoffs a narrow they will be more motivated to not be sloppy to not be careless because they have more lose. They have more state. And if you're a role player on the clippers you're a role player on the Lakers box. You want to be the one who gets blamed because Lebron it win the title or Jaanus doesn't win and and you put your team in a situation like so it's it's really awful to think about because it. It's awful to think about because we saw what happened to go. This is the first sentence in go. Bears career obituary forever when he retires. And just it's not fair and it's it's fair in the sense that he did something silly and on camera but we don't know how we got it and it's it's easy to get like it's easy to get. You can be vigilant and still get you can be. Maybe if you just literally seal yourself in your hotel room and go to games wearing oven mitts and then take the. I don't know but you know I agree with you. Like people are going to be what you're saying. I hadn't thought of it that way if you're if you're rope if you're the tenth man on the Lakers I mean that's a that's a level of infamy. You don't want but it but man that's it may not and that doesn't mean it's intentional order to come from carelessness but all you can do. You're only as strong in this environment as the least compliant person and that may be far beyond the roster the Front Office or the coaching staff. there's going to be a lot of people living in that environment in a lot of different roles that could contribute to a potential problems. And that's again. This is all the risk that they're they're taking and so Yeah how this looks and how this plays out into next season into the rest of the season and the start of next season let let me jump there. Zapper a moment. There's going to be a time. We're once this restart in resumes and they decide what it's going to be. Who's in what? The format is. The attention very quickly is going to turn with the Players Association in the League. The start negotiating a lot of issues around this current collective bargaining agreement to put it in simpler terms the agreement. They have which is essentially a fifty fifty split of basketball related income. It does not work. When there's no income there's no fans there's no fans and stands. There's no concessions when potentially forty percent of the revenue that is built on game night is compromised. It has a trickle down for teams. Who are trying to for their own. Revenue has trickled down with revenue sharing all those issues. The idea that next season how free agency is GONNA look salary cap luxury tax? All this has to be negotiated and Zach. It has a chance to get very contentious because again if we are in a country where even if half the league decides we can have fans in our buildings and APP the League and then there's a pocket that says we cannot have fans in this geographic region or we can have four thousand people in a twenty thousand seat arena. That's what we can do in a socially distanced environment. There is a lot. That's gotta be agreed upon to make the money work and even if Adam silver largely gets everybody on board to put a lot of their frustrations with how this plays out this summer aside. Boy There's a potential for a lot of strife moving forward and and I don't know that everybody is quite identified that I don't know if the players have fully embraced how contentious it might be and how different financial structure could look because the league has held onto the right to tear apart and essentially cancel out this collective bargaining agreement and negotiate and then have to negotiate a whole new one. They're trying to to come to terms here without having to do that too. And I think there's optimism on both sides that they can get there but boy. There's there's a lot that could go wrong here over the next several months as we look into a season almost assuredly is not starting until at least late. December and you can negotiate. They can to go. She ate big chunks of the current. Cba In essentially rewrite them without there being? They can do that now. They can do that yesterday. They can do that tomorrow. But the bigger and more fundamental chunk it is it the bigger the more you chip away at the very structure of how the League works the more complicated it gets. I mean what is what what is what is the biggest source then of biggest potential source of strife. Because I just as you said there's a fifty fifty revenue split and the revenue is going down the drain right now. I don't maybe I'm being naive. I don't see the league saying well. We now needed to make that a sixty forty revenue play word. What is the source of the strife? I mean obviously there are individual players. We're going to be disadvantaged. If the CAP goes down or up I signed my extension. Thinking was going to be worth this much. And it's only this much. I mean that's that's life we've seen that happen before with the cavs Spike in two thousand sixteen and the in the effects of that that rippled over multiple years. But what what are the? Yeah you could rip apart the CBS and write an entirely new on. That says really awful things players. I I don't I don't see that in the cards somehow have to be worked out here. And the Union had in the other direction when the deal came in and Revenue Spike. And they said the league said Hey. Let's let's gradually incorporate this cap space and the money available over a period of years so a several classes of free agents and players number one can benefit from it not just the class of Salomon Hill in Timofey. Mas Gobelins Ian mckinney I call them them beyond the beyond Gov is back beyond so that all that's one question now it's learn the other direction. Are we going to.

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