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Why Bess again in man Luigi gave a pizza. Hey, say he was forced. Yeah. 14 Lynn, when this is over again, man, man, you tell me to make this countdown dog. Yeah, Yeah, They said very extended length. Yeah, I was saying, I think we're going 40 months. All right. Luigi gave a pizza man and it seems like there's been just so much pizza around him, you know? I'm saying like this here today. Yes, man, you know, and now sales talking about we gotta grow a pizza sponsor. And you know, like a man and I'm the one obviously dealing with it. Even giving up my pizza points, man. I told Meyer and she's like, Why do we have to suffer for your your also our pizza points. It was like God Damn, you didn't take any of that pizza that you may I did. I took that. Just.

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