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Saving boring car insurance. Save money with pay Vermeil Insurance from Allstate called Local Allstate agent Get a quote I met Bear with traffic on the fives. Followers on Twitter and W II be sea travel. Randy Hollis, which TV meteorologist what's going on? Yeah. Hey there, Tony. But what it will be a picture Perfect day out there. In fact, a really nice days in a row after the rain we had yesterday morning sunshine. A pleasant afternoon high temperature right around 78 tonight. Clear, comfortable, low temperature down around 57 degrees Thursday. Mohr Sunshine a bit warmer tomorrow. My upper on 80 Friday. Partly sunny, becoming more human. Gotta stick in there. A slight chance for an accident Thunderstorm High temperature of 82 the weekend here Tony race weekend. What's weird to say that during August by race weekend a warm human one loaded mid eighties and I think we'll have a few scattered thunderstorms on vote Saturday and Sunday is not going to rain each day all day long. My gut feeling is I think we'll get the race in here during the day on Sunday in spite the chance for a few thunderstorms that right there is Randy Alison. Which TV Randy Thank you 58 degrees in the American Standard Cooling Weather Center the time right now, with 606 thiss Hour on 93 WNBC is powered by the home loan expert dot com. It was night. Two of the DNC and Joe Biden is officially the nominee. I said it wouldn't happen. I said, there's no way the Democratic Party let's Joe Biden.

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