Obamas, President Trump, Prince Harry discussed on Global News Podcast


Best and there's much less constitutional significance to this wedding than some prince harry is currently fifth in line to the throne so the list has been done away with a royal source said that only those who have a direct relationship with the couple will be invited that might have included the obamas the former president struck up a friendship with prince harry at the invictus games for injured military veterans but the bombers on not coming at the same time as clarifying those who are not invited kensington palace released today details of some of those who will be invited into the grounds of windsor castle on the day amongst them community volunteers charity workers and military veterans johnny diamond now if you've ever been in a football stadium you will know adjust how noisy the goal celebrations can be well in the spanish city of barcelona at the famous camp new scientists have found that when lionel messi scores the city literally shakes now science correspondent jonathan amos told us more about the ground breaking ground shaking discovery they had set up a assize moments to listen for vibrations if you look at the data you can see when boss alona scores ago in fact you can see everybody turn up at the stadium at the start of the game take their seats you see the goals oviously being scores everybody jumps up and down and the stadium shakes you see people go off at halftime to go and get a cupper or whatever else it is that they drink in in barcelona come back to their seats and and see messy score another couple of goals in the second half and then everybody goes home you see that in the data that interesting thing here is that different things happen at the stadium so not only do they pay football obviously but they have rock concerts and we have a data set from bruce springsteen concert back in in two thousand sixteen the behavior of the fans that are there to to watch football is very different to the behavior.

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