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I mean we're big baby. It was originally big here is getting gun. He could've easily like bret baier stadium book for april levy so if you wanted to say no no no no no but not over there i mean over here. I mean if you price the tickets right. Could he still made that. I fight a stadium fight and just brought more americans. I mean more u._k. Dudes june. I mean i wouldn't mind seeing possibly at the new york giants stadium or the new york yankees stadium. He's a broken because baseball is totally the dishes circle diamond so you can add a lot more seeks to the baseball stadiums and you could go to because of the circle michael that it is so you can add more cities on the field and all that kinda shit but i would have rather had an epa giants that i believe in the giants. Stadium is a is a does hold a lot more people. Let me get to machine-gun ashamed gun my high training going man. I'd yeah what up good morning t._b._b. Man mike welt man thanks for asking if someone will gabbara gotcha road wheels follow yeah gary no well real quick <hes> we went to go see cannella kirkland and that was the minute maid park where the astros play and they didn't even forbidden use the whole field they put the they put the ring on second base and everything wells was kind of around it you know and they just use whatever seats were available but let me say that did i was probably already sold the earlier man hundred thousand plus people dallas texas failed to the rafters. The cowboys don't play that they'll be in chicago on thursday. The whole week will be available and they wanna make that money back. Sell this fighting dallas texas. Let him onto mexican. Let it much u._k. Do flying. It's gonna don't be perfect man. I can see it now. You feel the whole fucking stadium up. That's like our wimbley over here. Man it'd be perfect because it would feel nice in there and this is the way that eight could sell this thing. All over would be great man but <hes> man the saudi arabia income does seem like a lost opportunity but this is why i want to propose this is why this should be proposed man biggest stadium in america. You fill it up quickly. The ticket sales will be easier for everybody to get and that's my common a net. You do know what a roof is open at dallas stadium right at eight anti-d stadium so god can look down on america's team really yep. That's the old saying eighty open a clothing and start right there in vegas biggess. No dallas dallas america's team. They stayed third star down. They always say god is looking down on america's thirteen. Just a cowboys fan. Well floyd always say his skill was guy giving would have been nice to see him in dallas pack out especially when pack out how many pack you're putting their with joshua. Excuse me josh cli- joshua. I think four thousand exactly and this same as true champs do what you james uh-huh do man but anybody will combat me with money. They'll say oh look it back. He's still got to fight fluid and got going to take some money and i get it man i get it is about your favorite fighter him being well off and and and you know not doing this for nothing i get it but at the same time we thought blueprint with about money money yeah but if he's your favorite fighter don't you wanna be won't you wanna watch them refined general i can enjoy floyd stealing billy but he wasn't a guy you know. I just clamored to see all the time. You know what i'm saying i i i like seeing boxing ability but i like seeing people get the fuck out like seeing people go down and you don't get.

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