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The ability is bye Bye Bye, Violas. Let's go. Let's go to traffic. What's going on? Wow. So much for family show. Right. Right down doors beginning. I think we I think we talked around that quite well, I think we did a good job. It's possible. Yeah. Wow users from the UCL Traffic Center You see, health cardiology provides the region's most advanced heart care program. Visit you see health dot com slash hard for details and accident is continued to be worked on on South 75 at the paddock, the right lane is now blocked and traffic heavy to above Shepherd Lane creeping ever so closer toward Glendale Milford Road, There's an accident on South to 75. Now this is a new one at Loveland Madeira. It's on the right shoulder. But from that earlier accident after wards corner traffic is slow toward read Hartman. Expected Good size delay on north bound 75 as traffic is heavy approaching the round 40 to Florence exit Continuing on up to Donaldson, You're heavy. Also on eastbound to 75 approaching Dixie Highway and that stuff and go over to 4 71 I'm Rob Williams News radio 700 wlw before cast from the 700 Wlw Weather Center for tonight. Clouds and 26 4 Tomorrow Partly cloudy and 38. It is 34 now news radio 700 wlw.

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