Ferrari, Lembo, Bush discussed on Wall Street Journal This Morning


Ferrari that trash in the first place so yeah but he's in any case these these guys are doing okay i was at the lamborghini factory in italy okay one time during a summer study program college the only thing i could afford was like these three threedollar plastic emblem among all the other gadgets leah yeah you know related to lembo's now is pretty cool not exactly a high roller arrived through there by the way i love the fact that the car thief was wearing a ferrari jacket yes yes oh i belong here exactly this is my stuff i roll with ferrari things had his brilliant how we how we got on the lot and by the way if you're still a ferrari doco down by like getting arrested hiding behind bushes by a holiday in now no i mean what again we didn't even have you know twenty bucks at his pocket so you know yeah on yes so he was he was definitely acting as if as opposed to actually be a roller how to go after you stole the ferrari i it a fun ride yeah well knows beano though is blocking the thing at a traffic light rain and nerve gas money and i had to cower behind some bush's couldn't even drive it apparently since he destroyed the year by right and we've all been frustrated by the roads in our daily trip to work but few of us have ever taken the initiative to actually repaint the lines to make our commute faster according to the bbc that's what one twenty eight year old chinese man was found doing captured on video surveillance authorities said he used a can of white painted a new arrows onto the road to redirect traffic told police it was the result of frustrations over the long delays on his daily bus journey to work however wellintentioned traffic police said that they thought the man's behaviour was very dangerous and could have all in a collision they have since deployed workers to repaint the road in the man was fined around one hundred fifty dollars this is not the.

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