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Got married. While in prison like there are people and obviously. This isn't new with with manson and stuff. But i mean fucking weird that someone would wanna marry him after everything when he's on trial there are like bitches in the in the courtroom being like like look at him. I'm like first of all. He is haunting he. Looks like somebody who murders people in the middle of the night and rapes them and rapes their children. Which is who he is. What the hell. What are these women thinking. They have lost their damn minds. Yeah do you want to wake up with no is or i mean your madge nation. He'll do it. there is one scene. I don't remember which one. But he put like thumb handcuffs on somebody and they tried to pull them out. They like ripped off their thumbs torture. He is horrible horrible clearly. He was convicted. If anybody who has not watched the full thing he was convicted. He did not. He was so cocky in the courtroom to wearing his wearing his fucking sunglasses and shit like acting like he. He owned the place. Who are you the main the main detail that they figure it out from every victim is he had really really bad teeth and that was when they almost caught him because they went to his dentist all they found out they found out he was getting dental work done or dental like his teeth fixed because i guess he had a lot of pain and his teeth and for some reason the panic button. They had set up in the dentist's office when they were pushing the dentist was pushing. It didn't actually trigger and the dentist called them at the end of the day. Being like why didn't you show up. He was here he was here and that was like one time. They missed him. Yeah and he had really really nasty teeth. That's one detail. I definitely won't forget because i don't know they were just they were like rotted and then like only two in the front and no other teeth. He was missing. He was obviously on drugs and stuff. Not that it makes anything. He did okay but he was definitely drug addict with a horrible past does not make anything he did. Okay i also just think he's mentally mentally a fucked up and a horrible horrible person. Yeah i think that's he was convicted of thirteen counts of murder five counts of attempted murder. Eleven counts of sexual assault. Fourteen counts of berkeley. And he was he was he had nineteen death sentences. Clearly he was sentenced sentenced to death. This is one thing that i don't understand. So he was sentenced to death clearly. What like nineteen. Let's say eighty five or something some way back when and he didn't die until two thousand thirteen and not because of the death penalty..

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