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Podcast? Listen to my favorite is reply all from it's a vote, and Alex Goldman. But you don't know which ones which when they talk right because I don't I listened. Whoa. I don't know. Who's who it's hard to tell? Yeah. It kind of is at first. But if listen to all your hundred thirty episodes, then inside, you know, what my problem with reply all is Robin Gina with the banter is very scripted. You the banter scripted this banter is is script free. It has improved can't banter. They script. All the Rams. I think okay. I think they do. It's from Alex Bloomberg's time on planet money, send this American life. Those are good. So I think he wanted to bring like. Hon internet things but in a higher position. On internet scripted banter, scripted banter, Gina you nailed it. You're hundred ten right. Why they do it? But yet. Okay. All right, gene. Thank you so much. Thank you. You're the third co host. Rob Makita podcast. Okay. Okay. Time if anything happens to achieve that. You're the next phone call. Okay. Perfect. Okay. All right, Gina. I look forward to have fun at the bachelorette party this Martin Luther King day weekend. Okay. All right. Thank you Martin would want. All right. Bye. All right Akira. We've got a couple of people. I mean, he was optioned. Okay. All right. Should we call Jenny an Colin they both signed up at the same time. Yeah. And they say. I don't think that's our works. Let's not do any more to people on the call at the same time. That's fair. Do you want to call showed up, Tim? Okay. I think we should we should. I think he's waiting by the phone non-stop. I'm also getting angry EM's from the people who missed our calls. Yes. Might have to call somebody back. Just got another one as we speak Qatar. Okay. Man. There have been with Anka all want us to call them all at the same time. And then patch them in talking to themselves. Okay. Fide that'll be our grand finale. We'll call it. We'll call back. Three people. We missed initiate a call to the issues. Besides herself. We definitely have to call. Amanda said it was waiting for a California number. Okay. All right. I think Taylor was which number is Tim on the spreadsheet. All right. Shut up. Tim is number thirty eight number thirty eight. Okay. I haven't good names. I feel like we we might have do this again. So many people I wanna talk to know. Well, what are you going to? Okay. All right. We promise the call eighty six that would have been. I have a telemarketing script here. Keiv perfect. We use that or should I guess tails, stealing our identity. Yeah. I think try telemarketing. But I do think he's probably expecting us. All right. He knew that he could be onto us. All right. So let's go ahead. And I have a sample dialogue for a telemarketing call. So all right. So I am the person. And I am calling from walkers oil service, I googled or sample telemarketing script. I'm gonna follow follow them. Okay. All right. What?.

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