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You could find your perfect shade at madison dash reed dot com so reality life with casey listeners get ten percent off plus free shipping on their first color kit with code reality that's code reality madison lacroix is new on southern charm this season i'm thrilled i got a chance to track her down today all the wing in south carolina madison how are you i'm good how are you i'm great i wanna know a little bit more about you or you originally from south carolina where you from in yet so i am from well it used to be smaller than it is now but i'm from greenville south carolina there about four hours from charleston and then how did you make your way to charleston okay so the funny story is is on that my dad was actually like the landlord of my cosmetology school and so i graduated from cosmetology school in my parents took me on eight cruise with them an i happen to play dave roulette end like twenty dollars a day my dad gave me a eighteen in i m one about fifteen hundred dollars so i would like hell yeah i'm rich in a bunch of my girlfriends are coming the college of charleston and a looking for a roommate and i jumped on the bandwagon literally as soon as i saw them all the i six hundred dollars like i'm i couldn't move in an i got a job being like and it's just it like the shampoo girl an that's like my name of fame right there i was really excited to see you have a child a kind of like that so how old yeah no how old is your son on my son is sick to andy he is legit the best thing that has ever happened to me on an i've told this the austin always like thank goodness for him because like i people people ask me all the time like what is you're dry like what makes you like wanna get up every single day and like do the most you can do and i'm like my son like every single day like here's the reason why i strive to be successful 'cause i know looking up to me end 'em i we obviously co parent without his father and we're like we're on the same page about whatever is best for arson though we get along what is his name on hudson so cute great name yeah thank you hudson hughes he is cute a man he just lost his two front teeth and i'm not gonna lie i would like your like dustin from the stranger but i like never want you to get your teeth back like i just love it so you must have gotten married quite young oh yeah so on but i like as soon at the charleston then i met my ex husband andy and a you know we were nineteen you know an a we were together for a while and he was in school and you know one day he looked at me and he was like 'em up would you marry me and now it's like oh yeah you know you're like nineteen year like obsessed with each other and in you're like a of course you're not thinking of these things well when i told him yeah would marian i just met like mary you one day like you know go to school like finish school and then two weeks later he asked me marian wow an 'em we were engaged for a really long time like i mean almost two years because i really didn't realize that all the stuff that went into planning a wedding like you know i do wedding hair and makeup but i was like man i like this is just not me i'm not gonna be like picking out these little details and like all this stuff in a we were living together obviously in debt and then after being engaged for almost two years i found out i was pregnant an 'em so we were just kind of like let's just like look you know yeah though him and i just went and got married in just kind of like cut the crap with the whole wedding deal and all that stuff and we were married for five years on in it it just ended up just growing apart london but you know even day by day i try to prepare myself.

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