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Some sort of image communications award and I was given a lottery ticket he won I don't know not easily very meaning where they say Hey congratulations to somebody that's gone above and beyond yeah well this all went above and beyond we never get that we never ever do you ever go we don't get any awards here have our console won a lottery ticket right and this was in an envelope that was on my desk and I thought let's scratch this off on the show so what I'm gonna do is if this is anything less than one thousand dollars if I win I will share it with everyone in this room if it's above a thousand dollars you horrible **** are getting a story of my life wait wait wait wait before you do this you got an award for going above and beyond we're number one I've missed zero days to the entire corona virus thing working six days a week and you got an award for going above and beyond he I work for your show to do that and you got award for going above and said I can't believe the number one wrong one press so the top prize here is two thousand dollars this is a time when Hoosier lottery ticket here we go and it's an instant no you like instantly warm now right now find a yes symbol when the price shown find a stack of money when all five prices shown twenty yes some of money need some background music what what do what kind of music I don't know police say something with money how bout a C. D. C.'s money talk there we can't do that or maybe the o'jays money give me just a second you to talk emotions right an ad here real quick so.

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