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Everybody, welcome to another episode of who invited her. We are Sunday Goes lgbtq Pop Culture podcast. I am your host Tony and I'm here with my own nose Jose. Hi bash, darling. Yes, and Eric is here to say. Hi, Eric. Hey everyone off. Mr. Worldwide from the 305. I just wanted to say what's up before I get on my flight and bring on your next guess fish out. And you guys you heard from Mary MTG at the beginning of the show. She is not here this week, but I am so excited. She is back. It has been so long since she's been on the show and we love it when she's on Jenny is here filling in this week a jetpack and you're dressed up as I mean do I I know Elvira look at your bigger booming. So just like grape they're dead. Add your prettiest arrive is here and Robbie and I for the podcast listeners are dressed up as Trixie and Katya. Hey everybody. I'm here to pick up based in for the podcast are the YouTube people are watching. We based it off of these two pictures are look cuz we picked specific Trixie and Katya. So here Tracy how she really good and then here's me costara. I am you guys right off the bat just Trixie makeup is no joke, it's hard. It is hard time sign was a it took me today about almost 2,000 hours exact a little over to put the makeup on I got robbed done in about an hour and half and then look like this, but you guys are Halloween song. Episode I soaked. Oh my God. Oh my God, that is too funny. So for our pigs listeners Eric is dressed up as J Lo, but Grammy JLo in the Versace dress where everything was replaceable wage. Oh my God. That is too good for everyone Hi. Hi everyone. Wow! Where did you get that? So this is actually purchased from Sheen. I feel $18 for it is very expensive tell you I got my jacket off of she end. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. So for every for the podcast of the sensor is Bosch is dressed up as a male version of Cruella Deville coat and everything. Okay. So, how how did you how did you feel? Why did you pick Cruella this this costing battery for Halloween this year Corolla is my favorite Disney villain and I'll tell you why because we share a lot of the same traits that she smokes a lot of weed song She Drives like a psychopath like you she's got good style, but she has a Russians of sheer and utterly terrifying anger. Yeah wage and she likes to smoke a big stick. But wait, I think I have a sound effect for that. Do I know off? smoking side effects the big stick smoking. Yes, so Rob and I decided to Katya and Trixie because when I love them, I think they're so funny and then we picked the specific looks and we're like God we were going to do something. Well the original idea for a costume is this year was Mommy Dearest where she has the white face in the wire hanger and he was going to be Christina as a little girl and then we were like no let's do something like crazy that probably nobody would expect so Trixie and Katya. This is like Katya and Trixie when they're old in there. Like Fifty's still trying to drag this is what they're going to look like going to do it then yeah, me too. I'm so since we're talking Halloween last night you guys home I checked out the Bette Midler Hocus Pocus. The reunion of the Sanderson sisters called finding the sandersons and it's so Bette Midler does every year. She's Very well known for doing a big Halloween party for the New York restoration project where they raised money for Gardens and to bring Greenery back to New York and this ball that she does every year is so well-known celebrities everything it's huge. So this year because we're in a pandemic she did a virtual version of it where you buy a ticket for $10 and it goes towards the organization and it was all hocus-pocus and the whole thing was like documentary-style hosted by Alvira who looks amazing. Still Cassandra Robert gray. She looks like she has not aged like she looked phenomenal and then it was her and then George Lopez mom. What oh, and then they had like star-studded like Glenn Close was in it. Meryl Streep was in it. George Lopez was in it off. What's the uncle uncle what's his name from Full House Stamos played the devil John stamp. Yeah, he was in it. It was just like so many celebrities took all have little cameos, but it was like a documentary style of Alvira trying to find the Sanderson sisters and bringing back that yeah, it was really cute. But like everything in the pandemic assume version. It's like a little rough cuz they're all doing it sounds like filming and then at the half the half way point then the Sanderson sisters come out altogether. They still look so good. Like it was like so nostalgic to see them back together now and then they did I Put a Spell on You to close the show and yeah, it was wrong. We can watch again or it doesn't know if it was a one-time thing or if they're going to like release it or somebody recorded it on YouTube. Yeah. I've been talking about that long enough for so long. Yeah, I'm sure but did I ever tell you I knew Kathy. What's your name? Yeah. Yeah very new dream. Yeah. She was my next door. Neighbor's were like her nieces. Really? Yeah. I heard she was really I mean I saw her once at scsu home theater for concerts. She was sitting right in front of me. She's pretty she's incredibly ironically incredibly outspoken about animal rights as I'm dressed as Corolla that I thought wow bad. Wow. She did this thing one time where she like had all of these Billboards in San Diego airports about like the mistreatment of the whales really the way home. The Shamu's the orchids. Yeah those yeah, don't talk about Miriam. She's not here..

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