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Rivers captain nine play seventy five yard drive with a six yard touchdown pass to Antonio gates PAT. No good Broncos up against it. They called on the defense. That was a good call. It was the good call the game. Brought to us by the Denver trial lawyers. Von Miller came through in a big big way high trip to the right side of the down nine clock stopped at three fifty five of the third Denver's defense needs to make a play here. Nineteen seventy charges rivers and the gun. Listen on the way quick throw picked off picked off. Taste by Travis Benjamin. Palsy down inside the twenty. Miller with an interception and the return inside the chargers. Twenty two the eighteen. So there you go von Miller with the pick gets the good call the game. Brought to us by the Denver trial lawyers hurt by drunker distracted driver. Make the good call and call the Denver trial lawyers. Denver trial lawyers have recovered over three hundred fifty million dollars from drunk or distracted drivers. Visit Denver trial lawyers dot com. Broncos got down close. Thanks to that pick. And rice Freeman made. Sure, the Broncos Scott closer same set flipped over. Let's see if we're cost comes in motion. He goes back lined up his wing. He does goes back. So you know, it's going to be a run here. Roy Freeman Saint play other side Freeman into the end zone. Touchdown denver. Royce Freeman of three yard touchdown run his fifth rushing touchdown of his rookie season. And the Broncos capitalised on von Miller is first interception of the season. And it's nineteen thirteen. Now. LA Broncos down nineteen fourteen after the PAT and they got the ball back. They got close enough for Philip Lindsey to finish off the Kuni. Lexus drive at the games didn't goal at the two Janet bitch and Lindsey the upset is set. Right keenum, empties, white rights. So the wildcat formation. The direct snap Lenzi Lindsay gets it runs. Stepped out of a tackle. At Philip Lindsay is into the end zone. The Broncos are in the lead up to yards by Lindsey designed to go. Right. He cut it back left and with twelve seventeen to go this fourth quarter Denver now ahead twenty two nineteen and more than likely going for to here. They did go for two two point conversion, no good. Well, at least that's the way it stood was not reviewed twenty two nineteen Broncos with twelve seventeen to go in the game..

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