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I kind of think that both bears and Packer fans ready for this one week 17 of the NFL season and Brian one of the few games today, where both teams would like to get a victory. He had no doubt about it, Fred, obviously Green Bay playing for by number one overall seed, and so that's incentive enough, and we all know I mean, you live in this city, and you're even if you're not the most diehard of bears fans. You realize what's at stake here and again. People are conflicted already on Twitter feeds. I see Bears fans. I mean, how do you not? Get juiced for a bear Packer game. That actually means something for the Bears and right. But given this season, I understand it. I mean, I absolutely understand how people are conflicted because You were weak, 17, Fred, and we still don't know. Yeah, well, they're who we thought they are. No, we don't know who they're tonight. Today. And maybe tonight After today, we'll have a much more clear picture of Legit, You know, training the right way or this was all guest bad teams, and we're back to square one about who stays and who goes? Yeah, 3123323776. It'll be interesting Throughout the entire course of the game. We got a couple of poll questions will run those down in a couple minutes. One of the articles in the paper today said this is the Bears biggest regular season game since the 2013 finale. If you remember what happened with that one? Yes, Someone fell down. I was just 38 seconds left, Aaron Rodgers threw a touchdown pass to Randall Cobb from 48 yards out of 4th and 8th. Keep the bears out of the playoffs. Let's hope it doesn't come down to that. That was disgusting. I remember Dad. Everybody, everybody's all pumped up and all of a sudden they used leave Randall Cobb. Open it to say, Oh, my God. What? Yeah, it Z. It was E. We've seen that game so many times before, but that actually kept the bears of a playoff game. And it's not an annual experience where the Bears are in class. So A couple years ago. Great. You know if you would like it to be sustained success, Theo like it to be knocking on the door every year, Just trying to get to the Super Bowl, But you never know. I mean, 12 and four becomes eight. Nate becomes what? After today, nine and seven. Yeah. Yeah, And one of our poll questions is what do you think is the result of the Bears game today? Um, uh, You know the results of the day it you know today, Will they be the six seed which they could do? A lot of people don't even know that they just thought that They could be just weekend, but a technically could be the sixth seed. If they win, and Arizona wins. They've is 60. The Rams would be out of the playoffs. So a the six seed be the seventh seed. See Pink slips or deep, no playoffs, but status quo going forward. Yeah, That's one of our poll question. You get it at on Twitter at no one gets it right. You lose the game, but hey, three game win streak. Pick yourself up off the mat. The offense. Went from the the absolute worst in the NFL or pretty much 31st 30 seconds in every major category two more than respectable and putting together a 30 plus 30 or more points a game for four or five weeks. So everything's good and we'll come back and try to get next year. So everyone's back the GM, the coach, the quarterback, and we'll just tweak some things will be good to go to go after Green bag and next year. Yeah, one of the other poll questions is if the Bears win the game today, and I've already had people say, What do you mean? If it should be when the Bears well, yeah. Yeah, So if the reprimanded Yes, I think so. If the Bears win, this game will be because of Mitch in the offense or the defense. And you know, people always look at it and you'll see the back page of papers and it'll say True biscuit against right is that true biscuit Rogers and out of the field the same time it's Mitch against the Packer defense and his Rogers against the Bears defense. And when you look at Mitch and Aaron Rodgers, there's no question who the better quarterback is. So you know which defense needs to step on, Maura. That's the Bears defense. Try to slow down the Packers with Davante Adams and with their three headed running game, which they have now, all of a sudden, with Dylan coming in after last week and step it up, and I'm always scared about their tight ends. Robert Onion, and you know they could score from everywhere but they are without their big stud left tackle. Yes. David back T r E So you know time for the defense Tol. Restoration. Rogers get there and Rogers put him on his rear end. You know, being mean spirited at times. Sometimes I'm like that. I don't know. You know, uh, I thought OK. True biscuit in the offense Bears defense she injury to Roger's Davante Adams. Yeah, we didn't go see, we just want to air B. We want right to be in the bear's hands. Yeah, definitely and s O see what happens with the game. You could always jump on and give your comments 3123323776. The Watch yesterday. I glutton for punishment. I guess I said that Watch the Packers Titans game again. No, and it's very interesting because in that game What? It was 66. Nothing because they missed the first extra point. They tighten stopped the Packers and they got called for hands to the face, which continue to drive and that they actually went out and scored again. And that after that, it was over with. They just kept scoring and The Titans actually had to stop, and it could have been a different game. If one of their guys doesn't get a handsome the face of 13 8, and they actually had stopped the Packers and they were gonna end up putting. And then there's the flag sitting there with snow so They can't be stopped. The question is, could this bears defense stab him with a couple guys in the secondary that our young guys Duke Shelly and also Kendall build are filling in for Jalen Johnson and Buster screen? Can they slow down and Aaron Rodgers and like You said it, You've got to get to kind of put pressure on it, but I've heard people I was watching earlier today. Fox with Jodi Jack. And they are Lucan Ellis, and they're talking about blitzing. I'm telling you You could. You could do that. But I can get burned too. Oh my God. You could blitz Aaron Rodgers and he will beat you and I don't know, they said. I think they said four of his five interceptions this year. Four of his five interceptions again that four of his five interceptions came when he was being blitzed. Okay, That sounds like a nice little number by so many times, he'll pick up the blitz. He's one of the smarter quarterbacks you will ever see..

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