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That's my dog when i come home town. Cable wanna talk to you about your dogs behavior. There's a big difference between dog training and behavior. One of the most common problems we hear about is accessible barking. Dogs are gonna bark. It's part of their nature. That's how they communicate and sometimes barking is good. You know you want your dog to warn if somebody's coming in your house. Certain dog breeds bark more than others. They're brett to be barkers and dogs have different. Barks that you can learn. Let's talk about the different reasons. Why dogs bark. We already talked about the warning bark. Dogs also bark when they get anxiety. Some dogs have separation anxiety and they'll bark all day dogs also bark when they're being playful when they want your attention and when they're board now bark when another dog barks so now that we know a little bit about why dogs bark. How do you stop it as always positive reinforcement and reward of the techniques. I like to use if somebody who works long hours. And you're away from the household day. You dogs probably going to bark but you can reduce some of that barking by making sure. Your dog gets plenty of exercise getting of that pent up energy. We'll get rid of some of the barking. If your dog is barking at you pay no attention in fact. Turn your back on your dog. More attention you give your dog the more you're actually encouraging the barking. Yelling doesn't work if you're ignoring your dog. And he stopped sparking. That's when you give praise good dog. You can give a tree to in fact whenever your dog is doing desired behavior. Like just laying still and being calm. That's a great time to walk over and pet your dog. If that's not working correct your dog poker in the neck with your fingers in colorado can give her correction when you need to and use a sound award like heck no after you. Do that immediately. Divert the dog's attention with a treat or a toy. Give her a project. Take a hotdog. Cut it up and throw it all over the backyard letter hunt for giving you dogs something better to do than bark. Remember whenever your dog does something. That seems weird. Take her to the vet. I make sure there's no medical problem but anytime you take out a behavior modification it's gonna take patience and consistency and you'll see the rewards of your hard work quicker than you think you're listening to animal radio find us at animal. Radio dot com wahdan. Learn more fido friendly magazine presents. The thirteenth annual cross country pet adoption tour. Get your links on route. Sixty six along with media sponsor. Animal radio the tour travels down. America's favorite highway from los angeles to chicago stopping at shelters along the way to support adoption events with the help of companion sponsors. I'm ox cat. food sponsor. Cat hotel sponsor my place. Hotels campgrounds sponsor. Koa advocate sponsors short pet care and home again. Tito's vodka for dog people and embrace pet insurance. The tories helped place over. Fourteen thousand pets into new forever homes in the first twelve years community. Sponsors hands on gloves. Brutus bone broth money belts dog. Tv go along for the ride. Well we bring our giants spinning wheel filled with prizes. You can win log onto fido friendly dot com to find out where the tourist stops near you and who knows you just might find your new forever. Friend animal radio. Let's see. are you know who we have on line. Three stephen rowley. Hi stephen harry doing very good. I haven't the audience about you yet. You are an author. That's this is your first book right yet. That correct ever the novel billion the put by first book and correct me. If i'm wrong. I heard rumor and i'm trying to see if i remember you got like a million dollars up front before ever writing this book and never having any previous books Something like that. I did write the book On back without an offer And and the simon schuster who published the book read it and they were quite quite generous with me but i. I did have to write the book. But that's an incredible journey that you've made and it's incredible. It's amazing book. Yeah yeah it's quite a cinderella story if you will. It's it's really quite amazing. When i sat down to write the story i did. It's very much a novel. But i did have a dog named lily a dachshund who i had since From some her puppyhood until she was Most thirteen years old and she comes to cancer and I i am a writer of other stores have been a screenwriter and over for newspapers and things like that but I was really surprised. By how sidelined. I felt by by grief after losing this. This friendship and So i just sat down to write never expecting fully to to write a novel or to even see something published but i just started writing to To sort of help me heal and understand that loss. It was cathartic for you. It was very cathartic. And think. I tried to just be as as emotionally true to what i was feeling. And somehow that really seems to be resonating with with readers okay. The book is called lily and the octopus and the octopus in this book is metaphorically. A tumor is that correct. That is correct. She had a brain tumor. And so when. When i sat down i of my goal was to write about attachment and loss and there was something About the metaphor of an octopus something that has tentacles and can have a a sort of literal stranglehold on you That i thought serve that that well that sort of talked about how difficult it can be to to let go when it's time. I think you did an excellent job. I i couldn't put the book down. I thought it was great. The way you described it you you took the reader with you on it. And we were there and i could just picture. This tumor lillies head. And i think it was a really fantastic. Thank you so much and for a book about about sort of loss and grief is not hopefully without humor. And you know it's a real celebration of tire and our relationships with With our pets with your first pet. I had dogs growing up I grew up in rural maine and we had a big house with a with a barn and whatnot and we had dogs but but dogs You know i grew up in the seventies and eighties and our relationship with our pets with just a little bit different than these are more sort of outdoor dogs and very much pets and lily was the first dog that i had not only that i raised from puppy into until old age but also that that was very much a fully integrated family member when you discovered her. How did you discover that there was something wrong with lilly. She actually had a little lump on her about of her is so that That did start to grow I never you know i'm not. I'm not clearly Quite as around the bend is the narrator of this novel is i never actually thought that it was an octopus. But there was something about having a lump there that Sort of led me to thinking about that that metaphor but Unfortunately it was very quick moving and it was only a couple months from the time. I discovered it until till the end of her life..

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