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There are stiff you all gone delayed great weight highs inga just passed away all right i thought they were all going wayne high zanga founded three different four right and then blockbuster lose the ordination oh big todo nation like bought the nineteen ninety seven world series and then said it because i lost thirty four year firestone digital but you know his his great regret was not winning with the dolphins is that's all they want to do is one of the dolphins to counter men would mike saying adjusted for inflation rookie does become the highest grossing sports moving because in those days it was two dollars to get into the move right now and a rookie it did win best picture rocky rocky three and rookie four onetwothree position i don't know rookie to didn't make that's down at number eight heaven can wait which was also sort of an underrated movie good movie warren beatty good movie funny movie funny movie yeah the rams that's right again rams i don't trust your reporting no shit you know that's funny move having kim weights funny i don't trust nigel's reporting this that's fair so we haven't the big thing this weekend is the final four we were going to have pat forty on we cannot connect with pat we're getting asked pat a bunch of questions about the final four but we have the socialite whose who is pretty much the same as pat forty essential ours i'm concerned afraid of baby boy buzi taken the title.

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