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Weeks ago. Remarkable in other news. George lebron's amy is joining live racing sports director in twenty twenty two after three years with trek fred. The former world champion steps in after lars bom laughed for st works and we'll also take on former dutch pro. Preciseness them stretching a sports director and performance manager of a bump revamped rather sports management team and canyons schramm has signed a two year contracts with paulina ru yakkers sherry. Bassett with that added to the team from lev racing at the request of casio navia duma. Apparently and joe's leiden has announced. She is going for the world. Our record the british drops lacolle rider will be attempting to officially break. The record set by vittorio busy of three years ago at the velodrome swiss on september the thirtieth after she smashed the previous record in training earlier this year. And we've just had news and as we started to record of the new lineup for team mccafferty's of next year which will include clara kappen berg. Rachel neyland which. I was really surprised by because he's only joined park hotel for half a season. I think that's a great me for her and pretty medicine as well So that is there. But they've got the lineup. You can find that on their website and but that's it for the news roundup if he's like we're right in the eye of the storm. We're taking a brief pause to look back because there's so much to come over the next week. Antiques as you said roussel be spinning in circles. Nine still guessing fuelling not sure what all when to eat or drink on rides that matter never again optimize your feeling strategy with real time glucose data actionable insights and personalized analytics. We're here to help you. Achieve your performance goals to super sapiens dot com from all on how to track your energy levels and fuel for success. Thank you very much. Indeed to our title sponsor super sapiens they sponsor all the talk shows including the cycling podcast femina and some exciting us from super sapiens. They have just launched their first wearable device the super sapiens energy band is the first and only wearable. It can display real time glucose data directly from abbas libra sense glucose. Biosensor is the only way to get minute by minute. Lucas data without needing a phone within bluetooth range is designed for athletes. Analogy bond can be ward on the wrist or attached to the bike and it syncs with the biosensor via bluetooth to show your glucose levels as you as you train super sapiens energy bond is available now at super sapiens dot com for one hundred fifty nine euros as you said earlier rose. I was at the world championships in bruised. Time trials 'em over the opening weekend and at the end of the women's time trump won by ellen van dyke ahead of marlin russert enemy gluten. The three of them gave a press conference and it was quite lively affair. Let's hear some of the highlights from it. Now i feel super super happy and like three Has come through. And yeah. I i knew i was in four but i also who is in great shape and also under the olympic champion so i knew it was going to be very hard battle and i had to do something better than the last week. So yeah somehow. I met his and yeah. It's quite unbelievable. Years out. Because i started one hour earlier than the molyneux on the meek and i saw the start listen. I wasn't so happy with also. Because i was looking at the wind and it seemed like windows getting stronger and we had a tailwind afford. It's not so great to start earlier. But at the same time i never wanna here intermediate dams. I don't wanna focus on anything else. That myself so Indefinitely due to write my own own trial. And i knew i had to Completely die at the famous. I i just felt like i have to the will end the finish because i just wanted to give everything in this stand. Yeah and i think i did. I mean i go faster but yeah always Pretty critical myself. So i ate. It was It was for sure it was enough. And then yeah My boyfriend told me. I say he did a great. You like yeah. You always say that. I mean it's nice really. What so i knew it was. It was gupta trial but i also knew i good in the past two weeks and then mullane would still beat me by quite a big app. So yeah i never fought fought. It could be for the win. But i really wasn't sure about that. So yeah the hour off the nerve wrecking and when i saw p seconds false intermediate the. She's better than two weeks. So it's no surprise. But i was also still opening of because it was only three seconds and then the yeah the finish just Yeah for we such emotional moment. Because then all of a sudden i realized I was gonna make it at least on the meek still had finished but that wasn't such She was already bit behind. Yeah just incredible. And i really want to run the other christian and because yeah indeed after two thousand thirteen. I just put a lot of pressure on myself. And i fought now. I have to show in every race. We'll keep this level. And i yeah. I couldn't even bear the jersey trading. Because i always thought people look at me like oh she should go champion now. Uh felt so. I put pressure on myself. And it's just a shame so Yeah i really said to myself. If i ever made it again so for sure. We'll it'll be on my jersey Yeah i've overheard different jerseys. So i better by some good whitewashing power. Driving are to clean everything but yeah it's very special. Yeah yeah somebody told me like two weeks ago. You will be european champion on the road and we'll champions answer. I would you believe for sure. So i knew this. I mean this was always a big old me this time of the year to be super good here especially after i couldn't dried the olympics. Bits of course was this appointment and also my my spring classics didn't work out because i got the corona virus and then i thought okay from now on. Everything is focused on the end of the year. Yeah and tomorrow. I just came into great flow. Now it all goes. It's going by itself. Congratulations on winning silver medal. It's a special day for your birthday. You reached out for the gold medal the perfect gift but ended up with two silver. How do you feel about that. Yeah it was also really a big three of mine to win today. As you say it's my third s first-aid was just actually. It was the biggest goal my season. So i have to say really disappointment. It's really busy for me. But to see the ellen woman she's so happy makes it a little bit better. But i'm disappointed. Hello from new personnel. Also christian commitment. Sorry last week You said after ellen won the european title uso happy for.

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