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Limits would appear to be a fond farewell, Mr. Trump offered to have Haley back in any capacity. Why didn't he just issue a statement? And you're right. It out on a piece of paper that you know. Ambassador. Haley will d leaving. And you say nice things people say what's going on? This is the right window. Steven Portnoy, CBS news, the White House. The California DMV says it may have mistakenly registered up to fifteen hundred non-citizens vote. KCBS radio's Holly Quan has details. It happened. When some applicants accidentally filled in the wrong box for voter eligibility, and then asks DMV workers to fix it. It was those corrections that didn't get properly logged this is on top of revelations that the agency botched voter registration fourth and twenty three thousand people by inadvertently swapping. Their party preferences, Fresno assemblyman, Jim Patterson has been a longtime critic of the DMV they have mismanaged a lot of the technical dollars that they've been given in order to to streamline using the internet. That's after so it's been a significant long-term failure. And they just seemed to say, we'll fix it. With more money news San Francisco. Former President George W Bush called. Alex Spanos one of a kind today the chargers owner passed away today surrounded by family and friends news eight Steve price has more on Spanos life Spanos who passed away Tuesday morning after suffering for more than a decade from dementia was the embodiment of the American dream a rags to riches story, he grew up poor enlisted in the US air force after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Eventually got a college degree and went on to become one of the top apartment builders in the nation as an NFL owner Spanos used his power to help. Bring two Super Bowls to San Diego, the games in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight and two thousand three brought hundreds of millions of dollars into our economy. Alex Spanos was ninety five years old..

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