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Will nina go easy on through a greater okay. Jeff staff curtains drawn quite a judge here. He's new to this position. But this guy's been around the block a few rookie or anything like that. He's got enough experience with the show. And with the concepts that yeah. I'm not going to treat them like this. Is kindergarten with vancouver. Giants majority owner mr ron toyo for the first time in the digital space. Good to have you back. ronnie hope. You're doing well thanks. Then it's great to be back with you guys and it's great to hear you on the air. It was twenty two games last year for your club. Ron and it was interrupted season the year before both teams were pretty good to. I know you had high. Expectations sells a little about the giants. Here as we go into twenty one twenty two campaign. Yeah no question about it. I expect as well you know when the season started are stopped With the pandemic.

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