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Till six in the evening Monday to Friday and eight to two on Saturday feel free to give us a call in time if you didn't get on the show number there's two one OO six nine seven ninety six hundred and I think we are we went over this but if anybody else is just now tuning in when we are bringing back to Cambridge gives back so if you you yourself or you have some family members somebody's going through some hard times and great running vehicle will help them out and they need some help with their auto repair and feel free to give us a call I now call a message through Facebook and we will respond to get back to you in so we can do to get them back on the road again for you let's go ahead and go to the phone line line one talked in J. R. J. R. you're on under the hood what can we do for you today yes someone thank you don't get to hear out listen to often but I enjoy it when I cancel thank you very much cheered questions are growing up my dad used to say when you're starting your car if it stalls always turn the lights off their help save the battery did that would really make a difference or no it is if it's having a battery issue to where you need to have as much amperage as you can to keep that thing maybe get that last start out of it yes if it's a fuel related deal in your batteries finding you're trying to crank on it a lights really are gonna affected that much but if it's a battery issue yeah have you keep all your other electrical stuff off the better chance that vehicle start on you okay all right turn related question is when it comes to using that he break does that make a difference on a manual transmission or an automatic should you put it in park or in gear and then let it because we have a we have a slight slope on our driveway yes and then let it come together then put the emergency brake owner can you put the emergency brake on first then put it in the park or in gear that's a great question too by the way is basically if your parking on an incline or decline yes you can the parking brake I mean they're pure parking prong your transmissions when you put the vehicle in park that's not really what you call a kickstand is not really I mean yeah will hold the weight of the vehicle what not but the best thing to do is exactly what you said earlier Glenn apply the parking brake first so the vehicles locked in position and then put in a park if it's in a really steep incline in you go to start it up and you put in the gear you fill a Big Bang the EA you you put that transmission under some some stress which can cause internal parts to fail so okay Sir engage the E. break first first and then put it in the correct gear whether manual transmission or automatic and automatic put in park yeah and of course if it's a manual you definitely want to put the parking brake on and then put it in gear and in in yes okay so having that happen that you break cable talked which would mean that it did you break is engage really doesn't hurt that he brake cable system at all no no no they're designed to hold that coal way to that car so yes okay okay all right got that helps the clarifier question I have so thank you very much enough at the New Jersey the new year to you guys happy new years to you to their yeah that was a good question I've got you know lot of people probably don't even think of that much personally I have a flat driveway so I just put in parking it out so yeah okay well if you like to get on the show we got a few minutes left here number here's two one OO seven three seven twelve hundred you had a few more that style in you did not yes you did I don't have anymore no okay well and if you like to get in on the show to one oh seven three seven twelve hundred few things also going on a Cambridge again this show will now be dar's starting air time will be at three thirty so on next Saturday if you'd like to tune in at three thirty it will go until five so we have an hour and a half show now typically it towards the end of the show we believe in a lot of people on hold and have to answer a lot of questions off their unfortunately that's not happening today a good price all play on yellow football stuff going on so yeah maybe I typically we we have a bunch of people AS left on hold so we got a hold of the producers and stuff here and WHI and they agreed to extend our show so we can give a better hand and help people the column for car questions so let's go ahead and go to line one and talk to Richard Richard John under the hood what can we do for you today Hey how you doing great they have given you I have a question this this morning I went to a transmission shop down the street over here on and I told them that my transmission on my GMC pickup was was shifting hard it has been doing that for the past three or four weeks any tone yeah I needed a brand new transmission sixteen her books and I was doing some stuff and then I found out that I could change out the monsoon okay and I will use them out this morning it works great perfect I'm reading your I'm driving it right now so my question is why would the transition guy want to give me a range of mission how many miles are on them a hundred and eighty thousand I mean there will couple things I mean I don't know that transmission shop I never talk bad about anybody I don't I wasn't there I couldn't like check it out if you check the fluid level on it in the food was either brown or burnt you know that read that that right there by itself could be a reason to recommend to rebuild hundred eighty thousand miles on it that's enough reason recommend to rebuild by put this ship solenoids in it and put new fluid in it you might a bike bocce sometime you know if it's our children AT and he put a new filter on it yes what what had the flu lagoon came out was a brown no it wasn't brown it was not brown at all because I I keep up the maintenance and I did it I bought the specter of brand new two thousand eight okay and I didn't that sixty five thousand miles but they're not on the and this is when acting up all right they told me yeah you're gonna need a brand new transmission like the rebuilding for speaking about wow yeah I mean the **** if the shift so mine fixed it in you know you said you put a new filter and have that look he have any metal or anything in the pan no but there was there.

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