New England, Foxborough, President Trump discussed on WBZ Morning News


Media it is eight oh three we hit the road to see if you need to this morning and we're on top of it for you it's the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes Laurie grandes watching some debris to watch out for the road it's ninety five north at a truck lost some sheet metal on the off ramp to four ninety five southbound in Foxborough so watch out for delays there twenty four north on minor collision clearing their president's AB in fall river a ninety three let's check that out on north the town with Kristen Ekanem offer insurance copter were up at the Wilmington stretch Lori here on ninety three south bound and it's with good all morning still is headed out of southern New Hampshire down toward one twenty eight that interchangeable twenty usually a problem on normal days it's not bad that it's clear sailing all the way into the city as well Krista insurance copyright thanks Kristin airport tunnels for the most part okay except for one Ted Williams tunnel westbound still dealing with that to set disable tractor trailer in the right hand lane right at the exit of the tunnel lower deck Tobin lever connector all running well in fact it's an easy ride for you in most spots out there and it's excellent it's exceptional it's a fast trip is flowing freely and freely flowing it's free and clear and clear and free in good form great shape good on you mate Laurie grantee WBZ's traffic on the three you know what I'm just gonna say this is just weird is that I know I know we could just pull it all are fun things to do because there's really nothing going on out there it is a surreal existence Lori and thank you for staying on top of things on the roadways for us what a beautiful day though by the way it's thirty nine degrees here in Boston and not a cloud in the sky that we can see here in the city temperatures will ultimately get into the mid fifties.

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