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Tyrod Taylor Virginia Tech. I tried to make a transition there. It didn't really go tremendous. Are you interested for this game? I am Subaru intrigued by this intrigued, but at the same time is it bad for me to want another tie yet is why because it's ridiculous. Just like you lighting Twitter ablaze. I just wanna see things burn right now. I want put me in a mood where I just wanted to watch the world, burn, congratulations. I think I remember before the season. I thought both of these teams we're going to be around five hundred. Predictions was the Browns will be better than five hundred or five hundred or better whatever I said well one way for them to get to five hundred better is by tying all the time. That's true. They got to win at least one though because they've loss and tonight. You get a lot of storylines. I mean, you've got Taylor. If you're a bills fan, you can watch your watch him what he looks like in a Browns uniform. You've got darnold. Two interesting teams that I think have been a joke for the past couple of years and that both have the talent in the rosters to turn that around right now. And I think at least one of them are going to do it. I think the jets even though they lost the Miami last week. I think that was a little flukey. I think the jets are the second best team in the AFC east. And I think the Browns I don't know what the Steelers stumbling around. The ravens are not that good. I don't think the ravens are that good. That's the Bengals division. I think the that's amazing because you may room six months and younger bowls. Shingai here. Yeah. I think it's looking a lot more like. Baltimore and Pittsburgh are just not. Usually, it's those teams running away with it. Yeah. Used Cincinnati will get tossed their hat in the ring every once in a while get through our card and then get tossed out in the wild do the kings of those division of that division. And I don't know is a crazy to think Cincinnati Cleveland can go onto this year. It's crazy to think because I don't think Cleveland can hold off Pittsburgh now. But I don't think it's crazy thing Brown. The Browns are better than the ravens, talent wise. I would agree with you just in general just in general. I mean, I mean, I know does have a sneaky good defense. Hugh Jackson is always criticize you runs a Lou ship. He the whole hard knocks thing letting us not letting makings players come to practice. When they have a little injury meant the ravens the Steelers. They're running some new ships to the Steelers have this whole Antonio Brown happening right now to pile on top of the levian bell situation. Him of jet skiing in the river some in in the ocean and showing up in DJ -ing rap clubs. He's doing that right now. And they're oh one and one. Their star receivers unhappy maybe now, and you've got Baltimore who I don't know. They just got fined for the league for the seventh year in a row for something mean, do they understand the rule book? No. So you got to organizations right there that they've got some issues going on to that you could question. Whether they're coaches are running a loose ship. And if that's the knock on Cleveland, then suddenly I'm just looking at talent. And I absolutely think Pittsburgh is the most talented team in that division for sure. But their defense a tire. Fires offense had just think. They're so good though, the that can carry them pass. I think Cleveland is a better team than the Baltimore Ravens. I really do. And. Taylor is the interesting part of that team because Cleveland's already having the debate that we had here for years. The Browns fans if you follow any of them on Twitter the Browns writers any Browns fans, they're already talking about. Should we think about getting Mayfield in here? That's amazing to me. Taylor's, Ben, pretty good. He hasn't been great for them. His completion percentage is down. He's already got half the interceptions. He did last year for the bills to and. But really he's playing. Well, he's running the ball. Well for them. That pass he made. On fourth down and five or whatever. It was the end of the game against New Orleans for all the talk about how tyrod Taylor can't bring a team back down an incompletion or a non I down end the game, and you're at midfield. And he throws the ball sixty five yards through the air right on the money for a touchdown. That would have put you had if you had a kicker to speak of. I think he's good. I think that team is good. I don't like the coach at all. And that's why I wouldn't predict on the make the playoffs for instance. But I think that's a seventy eight one team. And if they don't get to that I think it's all coaching. I think it's all coaching. It's an interesting Natura freeing, though, because I also think the jets are a little underrated too. But half hour away from that. By the way, we'll have coverage right here on WGN earning eight let's go to Jim in Ontario. Jim you're on the nightcap. It's up. How are you? Good. How are you? Good just listening up and big Steeler fan here. Okay. And the Cowboys but have to give respect to Troy Aikman. And you know, he was at ease into Serb hall of Famer by far great teams. Eight to say it, and you know, the comparison I find sometimes with bills fans is laughable sometimes when you know, it's wrote sermons Thomas who forgets his helmet on the sidelines at a Super Bowl, the Emmett Smith who won a bunch of Super Bowls rushing titles, quite odd. I mean, I'm not taking away from Emmett Smith. I'm taking away from Troy Aikman was he what made that offense. Go. How many Super Bowls do they win if they have insert quarterback here as their quarterback? I think they're still winning Super Bowls. I don't know. I don't know. Guys winless Marino didn't win when he got there. There's lots of guys who can't get it. Okay. But what if Marino was the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys on that team? You think they're not winning three Super Bowls. Win a couple for sure maybe it. Okay. I would take. But it was a great team. You six time pro bowler. Again, I'm not I'm not that cowboy fan at all to make comparisons. His your your Steelers fan. Huge Steelers fan. What do you make of all this Brown and bell stuff going on right now? Why are you tired of it, honestly, skyser, prima donnas? And I think that they need to move on. I think Browns beat a sulking for a couple of years. Maybe cautious a playoff game two years ago against New England. So I I'm still a fan for life team since the seventies. And I'm I'm ready to move on from a couple of those guys that turmoil and we're going to be up here. Jim thanks for the call, man. They might be in for tough year. I still think that the talent will overcome. I mean, we're talking about Cleveland and since he possibly overtaking the north. So they are in for a tough year cle- cincy for sure Cleveland. I really don't have to go right for the Brown. We were just talking about this though, and it's not going without merit. It's because the Browns and Steelers have an identical record and. You know, part of this is that the Steelers really are kinda just this soap opera filled drama club that is kind of get in its own way. And has a defense that allowed Pat Mahomes repetitious reds while Rothlisberger did just as well. Why all the sudden though, the drama is not what's making them bad. Will love you bell not being there might might be part of that. But they've they've had those personalities in their locker room year after year. It's ending any reason they're not winning soup getting two Super Bowls and possibly winning them is because New England exists. That's it. And it's two things. Really? It's a two piece formula that the Steelers have had probably over the last four or five years that are starting to become more and more evident their defense is bad. And Ben Rothlisberger can't win on the road. Win on the road. He can't play while on the road. And that's how they run into the New England problem, noon, always ends up. Homefield advantage Rothlisberger throws three picks. And that's how they go ahead because the defense is trash they're not stopping Brady. That's how goes nobody's stopping breathing though. I know what he's stopping I know, but the other part of it. And that's the two part problem is Rothlisberger doesn't play while on the road. I don't know. How can we take it anymore? But they've been fine with that. He hasn't played well on the road. And it hasn't hurt them until the Pasco until this year. And there were two games in and bell more times than not in those championship or playoff games against New England. He's either been hurt or bottled up. So I think it's just Brady and Belle checker. They're always gonna loose. But the thing is with the Steelers this formula roading of the Steelers is two things that have been there but not prevalent. I think probably what the reason they're gonna erode is. I think bell is not gonna be there next year. That's pretty pretty much. Known brown. You've got to hang onto. You've got some talented receivers there. He is. I think the second second or third best receiver in football. He's right up there with Julio Jones and Beckham, that's the upper echelon. And I think if you're going to be they're going to be started drop a little bit here roths burger is not Brady in terms of taking care of his body. And. I think he's going to start to deteriorate. Then what happens while I do? Then you're talking about either a shot Ben Rothlisberger. Trying to limp through the rest of his career in lymph that team into the playoffs or you're going to have to turn to Mason Rudolph at some point. I don't know about that. While I am conveyor team interesting team while Ryan has convinced me that Ben Rothlisberger is part cyborg. I just think that he's not nearly as good as you used to be. And now he is he is not getting away with the same stuff that he used to extending plays in the pocket and kind of creating from their he's extending plays in the pockets still. And but when he's creating he's thrown picks a lot and he's he's just been inaccurate. And I know it's only been a couple of games. But I don't trouble might be ahead for that for that team fed organization. I don't think it happens this year. I think they're still. The third best team in the AFC. I would say I think Jacksonville might pass them. But I would still say Pittsburgh the third best team. This year was absolutely past them. They crushed him twice last year. And they haven't missed a beat. Yeah. I'll always take routes for Bortles though. Which is why I can't always guarantee that it's going to be that way. But the rest of the team in Jacksonville. Better. Well, the skill position wide open and quarterback. They're not the big three. They're not. But otherwise everything else in Jacksonville is superior. If you give me Pittsburgh at home. I think I would take Pittsburgh right now. And Blake Bortles. What did they hang forty points on them in the playoffs with Blake Bortles? Defenses that trash that they sometimes can't make up against top defense. I would still take Pittsburgh if they were home I'll take Jacksonville in an easy win if they're if they're the home team. But I think I would take Pittsburgh if their own. Meet them twice at home last year. I wouldn't I would still do it. I still think that team is to talented. Michael Irvin up on TV or watching that Dallas Cowboys had mentioned him earlier mentioned some Troy Aikman. We'll talk more about that. As we progress through the night. We're about a half hour away from Thursday night football coverage Brown's hosting the jets you can listen to the game right.

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