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Down the famous gavel meet NBC host, John, cryan and more. Give your data bucket list, Father's Day gift. Enter to win. Eleven ninety K x dot com auto accident is not part of one's daylight at late. You can trust that. We are working for you. Why? Because we refuse to cite him contracts with insurance companies cut corners or hide vital information if you ever need to make that decision who will repair your vehicle. You can be confident that it leaves all the boxes are checked manufacturer specs pre loss condition factory parts accident. Avoidance systems, reset locally owned family operated late the finest in collision repair. Down K axe traffic. It continues to be miserable drive on the Portland area freeways five crawls from multiple boulevard to interstate bridge. Five south winds up down past mcadam with another delay at St. and earlier wreck keeps westbound I eighty four closed at Corbett and there's still a crash at eighty second. Johnson creek Gail Cunningham traffic. This report is sponsored by indeed dot com. Indeed used by over three million businesses for hiring, where business owners and HR professionals can post job openings screener questions, than sort reviewing communicate with candidates from an online dashboard. Learn more than d dot com slash higher. Ketu weather brought to you by standard TV and appliance plenty of showers and thundershowers in the mix of the rest of the afternoon. Some of those showers could be rather heavy at times, producing some brief heavy rain thunder lightning. Of course, AOL. Here's the good news showers will be decreasing overnight tonight on Saturday for the grand for a parade.

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