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J gentry contributing writer for the athletic women's basketball the dallas wings talent talent and more talent all star sought to sabally most improved player candidate marine mabry olympic gold medalist alicia gray and all star. Mvp and hall around bucket getter a reggae on guba. Wally lead in all talented cast of wings players but that talent is going to have to put it into high gear this second half of the wnba season. If they wanna see postseason play. The wings entered the olympic break on a three game losing streak landing at number nine in the standings with a nine and twelve record. Fluid lineup declines in shooting percentages some star players kind of going cold a myriad of reasons as to why they are where they are but it can be easily fixed if they want to see postseason play the wings are going to have to keep that same energy as we say for the full forty eight minutes and close out games more effectively and more efficiently. In my opinion marina needs to be inserted back into the starting lineup where she works so well against bff and former notre dame teammate or rica or at least marina needs to be first option off the bench. The lineup we need to see more of players that we haven't seen whoever the best five players are for. That game need to be out on the floor. I love to see chelsea tie. Harris definitely needs more minutes. I'd love to see what a what can do what the number one pick. And the overall draft. Charlie collier can do so. There's a lot of things that the wings can do to make sure that they see postseason play. All of this is just one sports woman's opinion. I'm dorothy j gentry. Hit me up on twitter at dorothy. Jj entry wnba opinionated and play by. Play voice cindy brunson reporting on phoenix mercury chasing the franchise's fourth wnba title and riding the wave of success of its three olympians in tokyo..

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