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Would by so i watched it did did i i will will not not a week yeah you guys one and i had to watch those horrible christmas movies oh yeah but then it was you know we got delayed commit acts the star wars over the break right so anyway okay i then i won't i won't go too long on at our essay ship water his remarkable okay i honestly every performance is a bunch of very good actors doing their very best work yeah uh it's a it's touching it's funny it's beautifully shock effects are incredible uh and it is just a powerhouse performance everyone nice is remarkably good in it yeah one of the best things all year no question its unique it's it's a very strong base shot in toronto that's right yeah uh yeah highly recommend and if you can see them vix redo its worthwhile to visual masterpiece yeah i heard it was shot in drama because we're the only city that has a fish monsters yeah yeah totally that's why you could get a fish months her door for keep it was one of those things were like he didn't wanna like just casts some one as a fish monitoring is above all one of those toronto fish magnier by the way my favorite sports team at the toronto visual vishwanath rather terrible this year heads a rebuilding near the app so paddington to see it and schiff water see that dan uh casey what you had to watch a movie this week i did um as i mentioned earlier so we picked paddington to as the winner and we kind of we're looking for kids movies that feature a liveaction characters that are also acting with may be like a puppet source some kind of little animal mmhmm and that led us obviously to the 1990 classic a gnome name norm gonna home make good named norm directed by stan winston yeah now a van header by if i understand correctly you go watch this give movie good i did.

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