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It might just be one of the dominoes that falls no dominoes is a bad metaphor because you know one domino's tips over the rest room but you know a variety factors all going in the wrong direction sure. Hey well what do you need is a route to rooting against that yes okay really haven't you been paying attention we are getting breakfast I'm rooting for breakfast yes there is no breakfast. Armstrong and Gerry on KGO eight to nine eighteen A. KGO let's update your drive sponsored by Comcast business here. from the children autobody traffic vast better news in Marin south on one one before nor Sampedro road were a crash involving an S. U. V. in a motorcycle has now cleared traffic is still very solid though from before highway thirty seven accident may still be out there in the left lane in Santa Rosa north on one one just after Todd road that earlier accident was city for approaching the Dumbarton bridge is gone but it is still pretty slow going across both the Dunbarton and the San Matteo heading for the east fate of the peninsula as that recovers northbound eight eighty before Tennyson on an image freeway there's a stall in the left lane and we're going to clear a crash in San Francisco south on one one before alimony this one involves a car and a U. haul truck everything is off to the shoulder though traffic backed up through the maze very heavy meter lights Ron was found at the bay bridge every day Comcast business is helping businesses big and small go beyond the expected to do the extraordinary because a beyond a simple transaction there is making a customer for life Comcast business beyond.

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